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Three-Day Weekend

May 23, 2002

"Three day weekend
Time to have some fun..."
-Black Eyed Peas "Weekend"

Thursday morning, and my weekend is now here. Gonna party it up Tampa style tonight, then Friday going to Orlando for the first time in several months. Should be fun. Saturday is a giant question mark at this point. Adam and Amanda invited to come down to Ft. Lauderdale, but I dunno if I want to do that much driving in one weekend. Oh, so many choices.

Finally finished up the required two week run on the prednisone. And not a day too soon, either. Oral steroids do strange things to you (like making you ravenously hungry). That stuff is like an anti-xenadrine. But, if it helped those cursed headaches go away, I'll take it.

Now playing: "Perfect Memory" by Remy Zero. This is a pretty cool tune. A slower type rock song -- I like it.

It's interesting to see how people who stumble across my page find their way here. Sometimes it's a mystery, but in other cases I can tell the direct link that took them here. Here's what usually brings them in (not in any particular order):

-Disc Read Error or PS2 Disc Read Error
-Starsailor "Goodsouls" or Starsailor "Goodsouls" MP3
-Teenage Resume or Sample Resume or Sample TV Resume or TV News Resume (for my resume page)
-Where's George?
-Britney Spears lipsynch or Britney Spears lipsynch HBO

Google has my March commentaries in their system now, which is where most of the above get linked from. Hopefully they'll finally get the last two months' worth listed at some point, along with the old archived stuff. Last night I finally retrofitted (for lack of a better term) the old archives with the newer design. A little cumbersome, but I figure it's worth the effort.

Detroit/Colorado in the NHL playoffs last night was fantastic. Wings/Avalanche overtime playoff hockey... like I told Bobby Bills last night, it doesn't get much better than that. Of course he replied "Game 7", which okay is better, but don't be a dick Bobby... this is some killer hockey. But who knows, if we're lucky maybe we'll see Detroit/Colorado in a Game 7 overtime game. As the Ladies Man would say: I support that.

Speaking of The Ladies Man, there's a movie which has a terrible plot and so-so acting... but which is amazingly compelling, thanks totally to Tim Meadows' lines as the Ladies Man. The insufferable Will Ferrell brings the film down about 8 notches in all of his scenes (much like he does in the otherwise brilliant Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back). But in the scenes where Ladies Man is spitting his game, especially on the radio, it's sidesplittingly funny. I've got some .wav's from Ladies Man (both the SNL skits and the movie) on my computer, and they're hilarious. The bus station skank lines are pure gold. Pure gold, I tell you!

Okay I'm going to go play some more Final Fantasy X. Not to sound like a tool, but that game is wonderful. Here's hoping for a wild, fun three day Memorial Day weekend...

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