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Changes In Latitude

May 21, 2002

I somehow managed to delete the original 5/21 commentary on here. So, here's my attempt at a recreation.

Thanks to my friend Marvin Tarver at Channel 10, I downloaded a free firewall program called ZoneAlarm. I highly recommend it -- so far, the program has worked exceptionally well for me. I especially recommend it for people with direct connections to the internet (cable modem, DSL, etc.)

I've redone the column layout on here, posting them now in a way that will hopefully be a bit easier to read. Plus, I've added advertising through Banner Co-Op, which should help a little bit (plus it'll give me some promotion on the side). We'll see how it turns out... (Editor's Note -- This has all been changed in 2004.)

The last episode of the Fox show 24 aired Tuesday night. I have the last three episodes on tape (assuming my VCR worked properly), though they're as of yet unwatched. I'm not sure if they'll bring back 24 for a second season, but I almost think it'd be better if they didn't. It'll save it from Jumping the Shark if nothing else... But that show was brilliantly done, from the writing to the effects to the acting. Very nice...

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