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A Major Mistake

May 15, 2002

"I tried to think of something neat to say
But my well is dipping dry today..."
-Live "Horse"

I received an e-mail this morning from my friend Ryan Priest, who I worked with once upon a time at WEHT (ABC 25) in Evansville, IN. He had some bad news: the University of Evansville decided not to renew Len Clark's contract as station manager for WUEV radio.

To call this decision poor would be a major understatement. Len did a tremendous job at station manager of WUEV, helping students to learn the business and have rare opportunities to gain work experience that most people would never gain. But sadly, for reasons I may never understand, the university brass seemed to look down on WUEV. I mean c'mon, on promotional photos they airbrushed out the radio tower from the top of Olmsted Hall. They kept WUEV on a shoestring budget, but Len always managed to make the most of his resources. He was a tremendous asset to both the station and the university, and UE will be hard-pressed to find a replacement as skilled as Len. I learned a great deal from Len in my 4 years at WUEV, and I owe him a debt of gratitude for pointing me in the direction of TV news producing in 1996.

I had a nice long conversation tonight with my friend Scott Massey. It's refreshing to be able to talk philosophy and world topics that go beyond the superficial and the shallow. Our opinions at times are very far apart, but I find it fascinating to hear other viewpoints and perspectives, especially those that are given with sound reasoning and thought. We're both pumped for the big trip to California next month. Time's a tickin', for sure. I need to give my friend Lisa in San Diego a call to find out what all the plan is for there.

As I type this, I have the song "Horse" by Live playing on my CD player. Live is going to be in concert in St. Pete later this month, and I'd like to go see them. But -- it's on a Sunday night. Gotta find out for sure when they'll be on. Back in high school I had a ticket to go see Live in concert -- we're talking 94-95, somewhere in there. But I had a conflict with Youth Legislature, so I ended up selling the ticket. Missed what I'm told was a damn good show. Then two summers ago I wanted to see Live play with the Counting Crows in Columbus, OH, but unfortunately that was on a work night, so that didn't happen. As it is, the hot rumor is that the station putting on the show, Star 95.7, is about to flip formats from Modern AC (i.e. new rock/guitar-based pop) to go hip hop and compete with Infinity's Wild 98.7. Now that might not mean anything to you, but Star is one of my favorite stations. I'd be very sad to see it go. Hopefully it's just a false rumor, but...... we'll see.

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