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Sky's The Limit

May 14, 2002

"The mathematic problem for y'all, it just get harder to solve
Every day that the saga evolve"
-Mos Def "Oh No"

The Kings beat the Mavericks last night, sadly ending that great series after only five games. We can hope for a rematch next year...

My mind feels like it's stuck in second gear. Between all this damn prescription medicine I'm taking, and not getting enough sleep, it's a bitch to even think straight. Granted, it's better than excruciating headaches, but sometimes it'd be nice to just get back to good, y'know?

I won an auction for Final Fantasy X on eBay yesterday. A $50 game for $30.07, shipping included. Nearly new. Normally my game collection is more along the line of the sports/action variety, but I figured I'd shell out for what is supposed to be an awesome RPG.

At some point I need to watch my tape of last week's episode of 24. The second-to-last episode airs tonight. Hate to fall behind two and try to play catchup games. Of course, the when and the where of it still needs to be figured out. Or I guess I'll just be two down. As long as I have it on tape, I guess it'll be alright.

Damn, my thoughts are even more disjointed than normal. I'm tired as hell, but I have to go get some massage therapy now on my neck....

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