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Jeopardy Perception

May 13, 2002

The correct answer: "What Is Quintessence?"
-Alex Trebek, providing the correct answer to tonight's Final Jeopardy question

As I type this, the first day of the Jeopardy Masters Championship is playing on my television. It's funny how many things you can realize you never knew. I think I'd do quite well on most game shows, but I'm not so sure about how I'd fare on Jeopardy. Especially against the lightning-fast cats who made it to the masters finals.

With the Devil Rays off tonight, I'm also getting to listen to the Phil Hendrie radio show. I've said it before -- Phil Hendrie is a genius. I'm sure it'd be a fascinating thing to see how he pulls off his program (where he does the voice of his "guests" who find themselves in outrageous situations that he manages to justify to irate callers). I'm waiting for his program to make "the leap" into mainstream culture. It's only a matter of time -- it's that good.

Had myself a nice workout today. All the prescription medicine I'm on for the headaches has me feeling a little loopy, but there's nothing like 40 minutes on the Precor machine to make you feel like yourself.

I've been having fun looking through fantasy football information. We had a big trade in our league this weekend involving Fred Taylor and Eddie George. There are a few trades I'm looking to possibly make, though it would help if a couple of my guys (Westbrook and Watters) would sign somewhere so I'd have a better grasp on what to expect from them.

This morning at work I talked with my associate producer Neal Boling about this webpage and the time it takes to keep it going. Really, it's not too terribly tough. Stream of consciousness isn't too challenging in comparison with crafting an hour long newscast. But more than anything, the very user-friendly system that my web hosting company has makes it very easy to do. Under the old AOL setup, it was a very slow and laborious process to update the page (and sometimes it would just load a blank page instead of the file I'd tried to upload). In a related note, I don't miss AOL at all.

Of course, there's a certain degree of risk that goes with speaking your mind on the internet. It's there for whomever to see and read. But the way I see it, you have to possess the courage of your convictions to speak your mind and be heard. That's not to say be reckless, but don't hold back because you fear repurcussions from some unknown entity. Speak out and be heard.

Enough deep thoughts. Tonight the Kings and Mavericks play in what could be the last game of their fantastic NBA Western conference semifinal series. It'd be a shame if it ended tonight though. One bad thing is that the game doesn't start until 9 PM Eastern, which means I'll get to see only snippets of it at best. But such is life...

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