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Saturday Morning Musings

May 11, 2002

"All I need is a good night's sleep
You know, I stay awake sometimes"
-Bic Runga "Take It Out Sometimes"

On Saturday morning, suddenly three-for-one long island iced teas don't seem like such a good idea. Just thought I'd share.

I am excited though -- I've tracked down a song I spent more than six years looking for. I saw the Foo Fighters in concert in St. Louis, Missouri on March 26, 1996. One of the best shows I've been to -- in fact, the story behind that concert (the drive there with Carl Weitlauf, Brian Fuzzell and Josh Tinley, the way we barely made it to the downtown McDonald's before it closed, how we managed to get into the arena, and ultimately the pit area, in front of a swarm of people who had been waiting for hours in the bitter cold, etc.) is worth its own column someday. But the point is that they played a song that I absolutely loved -- but found myself unable to describe. It wasn't on their CD (they only had one CD at the time), and trying to say "it's the song that went like this" and humming it doesn't quite get the job done.

But, one thing I managed to recall from the song was the phrase "flying machines". That stuck with me. And this morning, I did an exhaustive search... and discovered that the song is called "Enough Space". They did a studio verson for their second CD ("The Colour and the Shape"). It's slower than the rockin' version I heard live, but still it's nice to finally know what the song was, albiet 6+ years later.

Talked with my friend Brook Gardiner for a long time last night. He said my comments about the Capitol One credit card commercial were Sports Guy quality, which I take as very high praise. I take any comparison with the brilliant Bill Simmons as a compliment. We had lots of fantasy football talk, discussing possibilities in the league and what not. That's always fun, playing the what-if games on possible trade ideas. Just what would it take to get LaDainian Tomlinson? Fun stuff.

Did you see the Celtics/Pistons Game 3 last night? Before the game they showed the famous clip from the '86 playoff game in Boston. "There's a steal by Bird, underneath to DJ, he lays it in!" I wish I had a way to put Johnny Most's voice inflection in on it -- it's very memorable. Anyway, I'm embarassed that they showed that clip before such an awful game. You won't see last night's game on ESPN Classic anytime soon. Horrible shooting, not because of bad defense, but because both teams had such a god-awful time with shot accuracy. This is the same Celtic team that hit 19 three pointers vs. Philly?!? Ugh.

Speaking of basketball, I finally cleared the game in NBA Street. That game has some long-lasting fun. If you own a PS2, it's for sure worth checking out...

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