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Fast Move

March 27, 2006

Two furious days and hundreds of miles later, the move is complete. And, wow, is my new apartment nice.

As my Dad put it this morning, he'd never seen a nicer apartment. The place is huge, spacious, and gorgeous. The area seems well-maintained. For being a place I rented sight-unseen online, it was a home run. Much like the old Camden Ybor was for me, as well. I'm 2-for-2 on that.

Alabaster, Alabama is a contrast on top of itself, with an old, small Alabama town being swallowed by the new, modern suburbs of Birmingham expanding south into it. After driving through Dothan, AL, and seeing the closed-down businesses and low-end housing and generally depressing looking conditions, I can't help but smile when I see how the economic expansion is turning Alabaster into a thriving, growing area.

The move itself has left me exhausted. At 6 Saturday morning, my Dad and I woke up, ready to start loading. By noon today, we had unloaded everything from the 16' Penske truck that I rented. Factor into that the 12 or so hours spent on the road, plus the four hours or so I spent on the backside driving up here to Nashville (where I'm writing this from), it's been draining.

Birmingham is more like a three hour drive to my old hometown, but a terrible wreck north of town had us in a crawl on I-65 North for about an hour. Thank goodness for Sirius Satellite Radio. In fact, Sirius made the entire trip a much more enjoyable experience. Yet another reason to love satellite radio: the hassle of travel. Plus Birmingham radio is pretty much the shits. Besides WRAX, which is a good rock station from what little I know of it, the city has mostly terrible choices on terrestrial radio. I mean, look at the FM commercial dial. Religious/gospel/Christian music type programming airs on 92.5, 93.7, 101.5, *and* 105.5. Obviously the programming sells advertising for the station owners in the area, but good grief... Luckily, I don't have to worry about that with Sirius.

I have to get to sleep now; I'm expected at work at 7:30 AM tomorrow for training. If Bubba had wanted me for the full two weeks of the notice I gave, I would have still been working for the show today. This turnaround time is insane, but there is a tremendous pressure to get the new office/warehouse ready to go as quickly as possible, which means I need to be ready to go as quickly as possible. And, as they say, so it goes...

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