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Commentary Archives

March 2003

March 1, 2003
March Returns
One year and counting for the domain...

March 2, 2003
Vegas Odds
Vegas baby, Vegas...

March 3, 2003
Pieces Of The Puzzle
Sports jersey etiquette...

March 4, 2003
Run-Off Election
Sanchez succeeds...

March 5, 2003
Live By The Sword
We all try...

March 6, 2003
Crunch Time
Stamp stamp stamp...

March 8, 2003
Spinning through the air...

March 9, 2003
Goal Oriented
An assortment of thoughts...

March 10, 2003
High Gloss Finish
Quite a shine...

March 11, 2003
Negotiation Tactics
Things to say...

March 12, 2003
An Encouraging Letter
High praise...

March 13, 2003
Hair Vs. Hair Match
Snip snip...

March 17, 2003
Juggling Act
Guess who's back...

March 18, 2003
Tracking It Down
It appears I'm hated "by de facto"...

March 19, 2003
Picking The 2003 NCAA Tournament
Lou's long shot...

March 20, 2003
New Orleans 2K3
Rue Bourbon...

March 22, 2003
The Edge
Back to the scene...

March 23, 2003

March 24, 2003
Technical Info
Learning on the job...

March 25, 2003
Pulling The Puzzles Apart
Trip planner...

March 26, 2003
Chinese Buffet
Quite a meal selection...

March 27, 2003
I know that life is for the taking...

March 28, 2003
Shooting Star Press
Rumsfeld & Seinfeld...

March 31, 2003
Rizzle For The Bizzle
The Jacksonville trip...

February 2003 / April 2003

Commentary Archives

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