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June 3, 2007

It took a little bit of prodding, but I ended up hitting up the D-Street (or D-Skreet, as you might hear it pronounced in this dojo) scene last night. The participants: my bro Matt, Turbo (Dustin), Dunski (Jon), Kyle, and a new guy in the mix named Jimmy. Jimmy rode with Matt and I, and he was a cool new addition; he grew up in Ft. Lauderdale, so we swapped Florida stories. We also reached the consensus that A.J. Soprano on The Sopranos is quite possibly the biggest puss of a character in television history.

As for my hesitation to go out, there was a time when hitting the bar scene was something I'd be all about. Hell, five years in Ybor City gave me chances aplenty for it, all in walking distance, no less. But maybe it's getting older, or the early wake-ups during the week, but my enthusiasm for going out began to waver when I was in Alabama and has really hit the skids here.

But, as it was, we went out and had a good time. The selection of women out there was decent; I've always liked Nashville women, southern enough to be charming, but not so red that it's a turn-off (B'ham, I'm talking to you.)

The bummer of the night? I had been chilling with Dustin at one of the bars where we were at (it blurs together after awhile) and I ended up going with Matt back over to On The Rocks. Naturally, after I left, this one girl came up to Dustin and was asking him where his "bald friend" went. Apparently her pretty hot friend wanted some of me, but unfortunately I was gone by then. But, as they say, them's the breaks.

Today we broke out NCAA Football 2007 for the PS2, which is a superior game to the XBox 360 version. Matt and I had what rated as the #1 all time greatest game, as I held off a furious second half rally with USC to beat Florida by 8. We had set up a mini-tournament of sorts, as Dustin beat Dunski in the other bracket. Naturally Dustin picked a guy in Jon who hadn't ever played the game before as his opponent. But whatever, it was just for fun, and I preferred having the chance to play both Matt and Dustin.

Dustin was off his game, and I took him to the woodshed with a dominating USC win over West Virginia (at a neutral site in the Orange Bowl.) I mention this because Dustin is a pimp when it comes to football games normally, and this was a shocking aberration. I forget the final score, but it was in the 54-10 area. Ooooooooh!

Actually, I'm just talking this junk to motivate him to learn the PS2 game and get up to speed with those controls. Though, with the 2008 game coming out next month, we'll be readjusting for that soon enough. The 360 game is supposed to be vastly improved on gameplay (where it was inferior in the last version), and while the 360's controller is still a foreign fit for me, I'll deal with that to enjoy the high-end graphics. It's strange to see the PS2 graphics look so inferior, but technology advances can be a bitch for antiquated equipment that ran for $300+ six years ago.

I've set up a second banking account, via USAA, which has been my first foray into the world of internet banking. It has its disadvantages; to deposit a check, you have to mail it to San Antonio, so there's a delay there. But with there not being a Wachovia branch (not ATM, but an actual bank location) within 15-20 miles of where I live, it is a more appealing option. Plus USAA doesn't hit me for any ATM fees, even refunding the fees that other banks charge for the privilege of pulling money out of their machines. Advantage: me.

I like Wachovia though, and I want to stick with them at least on the side, but I sure hope they open (or buy out) some branches here in Smyrna. Having to drive to Brentwood or Green Hills to do my banking is unacceptable.

This weekend I was supposed to clean up my room, but here it is super-late on Sunday night and I didn't do a damn thing with it. Ugh. I really need to get this straightened out; space in my room is limited to begin with, and having things disorganized doesn't help that problem one bit.

Oh yeah, I would be remiss to not finish post with a HAHAHA at Dustin and Pistons fans who were feeling so good after being up 2-0 on Cleveland in the NBA Eastern Conference Finals. As I put on Turbo's MySpace page:

Pistons = Outski
Detroit Dynasty = Dunski


I can't wait to see Gregg Popovich show Mike Brown in the NBA Finals what facing a real coach is like.

LeBron James is a very fun player to watch, and it should be an enjoyable series. Since I'm a Spurs fan, I suppose I'll have to tone down my enthusiastic support of Cavs center ydrūnas Ilgauskas, which is too bad but just how it goes.

Another week begins tomorrow. More opportunities and more chances await.

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