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Plans Galore

June 21, 2007

Tomorrow my Uncle Bill is getting married, and I plan to attend the wedding. This is Bill's first marriage, and I'm certainly happy for him. Picking 10 a.m. on a Friday for a wedding is a bit odd, but it's his wedding and he can have it whenever he wants.

Last night I spent 6+ hours in a meeting with the Karg Boys, who I am hoping to help set up with touring and radio possibilities. The music biz is crazy, moreso than even radio or TV. As it turns out, the Karg Boys are playing live on TN Mornings on Fox 17. I'm excited for them to have that opportunity.

It's official: I have officially booked a trip back to visit the Tampa area for the first time since my abrupt move to Alabama in March 2006. Tampa, Pinellas County, Lakeland, even Orlando, I'm heading your way. I'll arrive on Thursday 7/5 and be around through Sunday 7/8.

I plan to attend the Who Wants To Be A Millionaire tryout that's slated for Friday morning 7/6 in Tampa. If anyone else is going to be part of that, drop me a line. My friend Matt Sieracki in Pittsburgh won $8,000 on WWTBAM on a show that aired last week (but was taped many months ago); perhaps I'll have similar luck if I can make it on there. As my bro Matt mentioned recently, I've always wanted to be on a game show. Combine that with my generally good mix of info stored in my brain, and maybe there will be success to be found. Wish me luck.

This weekend my parents, brother and sister are heading to Rock Island as part of the big annual Pickney family event that takes place out there. I've had to miss out in years past because of not living in Nashville, and I'm looking forward to it. I can't wait to play some tennis; you have *no* idea how much I've been itching for that. And hopefully my time in Matt's tanning bed will help me fend off any sunburn risks...

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