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Thinking Time

June 12, 2007

"Beyond good. Beyond evil. Beyond your wildest imagination."
-Tagline for The Transformers: The Movie (1986)

One upside of my move to Nashville has been getting into a habit of hitting the gym regularly. That has allowed me some great thinking time, alone with my iPod and whatever happens to be on TV.

Tonight, that happened to be the Angels/Reds game on Fox Sports on the main TV near the Precor machine that I usually use, and ESPN on the adjacent TV. Unfortunately, ESPN happened to have on the New York Liberty vs. Washington Mystics WNBA game. Wow, that was terrible.

At one point in the fourth quarter they showed this gem of a stat: 13 field goals and 13 turnovers for Washington. Ouch. Women's sports can be interesting -- I saw some great games in everything from basketball to soccer while I was at the University of Evansville -- but the WNBA game itself was hard to watch. The majority of the players out there had height, but not necessarily the coordination you'd expect from a professional basketball player. The result was a disjointed, choppy, dull game that was anything but faaaaantastic.

This could've been done on purpose, though, as a ploy to make the NBA Finals Game 3 tonight look like Lakers vs. Celtics circa 1986 in comparison. It's a thought.

One point of humor was Washington guard Nikki Blue, who has a name that sounds like it belongs in the adult entertainment industry. Who was the head referee, Dick Nasty?

Meanwhile, the Reds/Angels game was one of those interesting interleague games that still has novelty, at least to me. If there's a baseball equivalent to getting some strange, interleague is it. Yankees vs. Mets is more like hooking up with a chick from your past; you've seen it, you've been there before, but it's a higher grade than something you can see night in and night out.

On second thought, maybe having all this free time to think isn't such a good thing.

If you've seen the classic film Boogie Nights (which came out *ten* years ago, if you can believe that), you might remember Dirk Diggler singing the song "The Touch". But did you know that the song actually came from the original The Transformers: The Movie from 1986? Proof:

Expect to hear more about this with the live-action Transformers movie coming out next month.

I'm a fan of the whole "My Coke Rewards" thing that Coca-Cola has going on (especially since the release of Coke Vanilla Zero), but the My Coke Rewards website is quite possibly the slowest loading site I've run across. It's one of those overproduced websites that tries too hard to be fancy, putting style over substance. I can't stand that.

The ending to The Sopranos was a cop-out. No big finish? Out with a whimper and not a bang? Weak. And don't play the intellectual card on me; I'll admit that it was great dramatic build-up, the most I've felt for a show possibly ever, but to end with the fear that the cable cut out? Unacceptable. We deserved better.

One funny side-plot from that; because of bad planning that had nothing to do with me, the crew of six who watched it here wasn't ready to watch the finale when it started at 8 p.m. Central. I was assured that the DVR was paused on HBO, and it was... but it was paused on HBO Spanish. We didn't realize it until almost ten minutes into the episode. It turns out that we didn't miss much, but Murphy's Law kicked in hard on that one.

Next time? Be on time or miss out. Don't hold me up because you didn't have the hindsight to buy beer (which we ended up not even getting.)

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