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Spurs vs. Pistons

June 9, 2005

"Hey, I understand a certified bitch when I see one."
-Guy in the "C" line for my Southwest Airlines flight at the Nashville airport on Sunday night

The Spurs/Pistons NBA Finals begins tonight. Sports Guy Bill Simmons predicted the Spurs winning in 5, but I think the Pistons are a really tough team with great depth. It's kind of old-school, like the great 80s NBA teams used to have. And this is coming from me as a longtime Spurs fan. A third title in eight years would seal Duncan's legacy, but it won't be easy. Detroit doesn't have any quit in them. My friend Dustin Gremmels is a big Pistons fan, and as he said via a text message earlier this week: "MY TEAM VS YOURS HUH? GOOD TIMES!" Good times, indeed. One of us will be happy when the series is over.

Oh, and if you think I'm going to be dumb enough to talk any trash on here during the series, you've got another thing coming. I have a long memory.

I've been busting my butt in working on my site. With stations seemingly every day jumping on board with the format, it's constant work to keep things up-to-date, but this evening after work I did some things to try and help improve how the individual station pages will show up in the search engine listings. It was a pain to go through them all, but a little hard work can go a long way on those sort of things.

There are some really bad summer TV shows on now. I guess that's why they got the summer slot. Would it be too much for NBC to bring back 21? We do have Big Brother 6 to look forward to, at least. But from what I've sampled of the new shows, it's been brutal. At least there's still the World Poker Tour, and of course the movie channels that I pay for every month but under-utilize.

The Spurs/Pistons game is about to start, so I'd best wrap this up. One last thing: I found the full version of the song used as the theme of the UK version of The Office, and it's really good. If you like piano songs, you should like it. I used a snippet from it as my drop-quote yesterday, and it's a nice song, in my opinion...

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