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San Antonio Showdown

June 21, 2005

"It wasn't part of the plan
What was I supposed to do"
-Blue Merle "Burning In The Sun"

I hope that everyone who was ready to ring in the Spurs winning the NBA Finals in easy fashion has seen that the defending champs didn't show up to roll over. I really hoped that the Spurs, which happen to be my favorite team, would win it all tonight, but that wasn't in the cards. What a day for NBA Commish David Stern, though: he gets his new Collective Bargaining Agreement and a Game 7 in the NBA Finals set all in the same day.

It's time to pull out the big gun to undo the damage that the jinxing soothsayers who picked the Spurs in a sweep or a five-game series win did: our old friend Todd MacCullough. Now in case you're new to this website, or if you have the memory of Leonard Shelby in Memento, here's the basic idea of the MacCullough Factor: it's a reverse jinx.

Todd MacCullough blocks a shot by Othella Harrington
Desperate times call for desperate measures. It's time for the MacCullough Factor.

So, with Game 7 now less than 48 hours away, I've scoured the internet and found a pretty nice Todd MacCullough picture, shown to the right. Notice how his then-teammate Allen Iverson looked on in amazement, impressed with the technique used on the block of Vancouver's Othella Harrington. Yeah Detroit fans, that's right. You've been MacCulloughed.

In all seriousness, though, Detroit's performance tonight was amazing. They hardly shot any three pointers through five games, and tonight they went 8-17 from downtown. On the road, no less. That is clutch. At the same time, you can't overlook what Rasheed Wallace did in the final five minutes, playing extraordinarily well on defense with 5 fouls while matching up against Tim Duncan.

As a Spurs fan, I wanted it to end tonight, but for the first time since 1994, we're going to see a Game 7 in the NBA Finals. And that is good for the game. I just hope that it ends with the Spurs holding the trophy at the end. Anything less would be crushing for me, and for Spurs fans everywhere.

You know what would make me sick, though, is if that Dancing With The Stars show that airs on Wednesdays manages to draw a better rating than Game 7 of the NBA Finals the next night on the same network. If that happens... well, I don't know what I'll do.

I know the NBA is trying to appeal to women with the Rob Thomas song that they keep playing, but whoever gave that decision the green light deserves a demotion. I could envision a bunch of out-of-touch executives sitting around a table trying to think of what musician to use. "Hey, how about Rob Thomas? Women love him, and Matchbox Twenty is popular with guys, too. It'll be perfect." Right. Meanwhile, there are tons of hip hop acts out there which would've been about 100 times better to use, but I guess I'm thinking a little bit too creatively on this one. Though last year they did run that one Black Eyed Peas song into the ground, but at least it was better than this crap. The NBA must've been too busy thinking up how to work age discrimination against young adults and even more drug testing into the league. Good work guys.

In one last thing totally unrelated to the NBA, I've put some old Magic: The Gathering trading cards up for auction on eBay, and in a first for me, I had a bid on the cards within an hour of putting them up on eBay. They'd been sitting in a sealed Rubbermade container for years, and I ran across them while going through some old stuff this past weekend in Nashville. It's a pretty nerdy thing to admit to even having owned, I know, but I'm hoping to make a few bucks off of them now. Since they were a "Red/Black Deck" and not just a lot of random cards, I hope that'll help their sale price...

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