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Trading Up

July 12, 2006

The One Red Paperclip guy has completed his goal: to trade a red paperclip and work his way all the way up to trading for a house. It's a pretty fascinating story, especially considering that he did it without any fake PR campaign or corporate sponsor propping him up. The guy is the opposite of Knicks GM Isiah Thomas (who has done the NBA equivalent of trading a house for a paperclip...)

Nelly Furtado might have the hot song of the summer with Promiscuous (in which she rhymes "Steve Nash" with "trash"), but a song I've been digging on Sirius big-time lately is Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol. Sirius has been giving it a push on The Pulse, and I heard it on Hits 1 yesterday, so it looks like mainstream exposure is in order for them beyond the one-off play on Grey's Anatomy (which is what lead to Chasing Cars being released as a single in the first place.) It's interesting in that Snow Patrol has a single in the also-excellent Eyes Open on the modern rock charts right now as well. That's another band that I first heard about via Scott Massey... and now they've hit the big-time.

More big federal government out of control in an election year: the House of Representatives voted 317-93 to pass H.R. 4111, which seeks to limit internet gambling. It's more government knows best, telling adults how to live their lives and how to spend their money. The bill moves to the Senate, where hopefully it will stall before the November elections. The passing seems to be more an election year ploy to appeal to the dim, brainwashed masses.

Naturally, my Congressional rep (Spencer Bachus) was one of the bill's co-sponsors. I know who I won't be voting for in November...

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