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July 20, 2005

"I ain't forgot about the pain and all the mistreatment
I ain't forgot the little box they tried to wiggle me in..."
Lyrics Born "Callin' Out"

A friend of mine e-mailed me last night, going over some stuff he's got going on in his career. He mentioned reading some of my recent commentaries, and he congratulated me on how things are going, but he cautioned: "Don't go and get all sappy on us now!" I responded that I couldn't let that happen; I'm too much of a ballbuster.

Besides, happy times or not, I'm still going to be skeptical and sardonic about enough things to keep topics interesting on here. No stories about watching Bed of Roses while the Super Bowl is on (ha ha Nimesh). Actually Melissa hates chick flicks as much as I do, which is yet another positive quality about her.

Incidentally, I'll save you all the look up: sardonic means: "scornfully or cynically mocking". Yep, that's me.

I'm going to play some NCAA 2006 football here in a few minutes, and hopefully I won't get roughed up like I did the other night. I played some dude (I presume it was a guy) online who was Ohio State, and he clobbered me. It made me mad, since he just used the incredibly fast Ted Ginn and sent him deep every time. My defense in the game isn't bad, and I actually had the advantage since I was Tennessee at Neyland Stadium (that's a home game for UT, for those of you unfamiliar). But this one was of those guys who takes control of the receiver... and who is very good at making the "user catch" plays. I'm just not that skilled, I guess. He got up 28-0 on me. I countered finally with the one thing that worked, Brent Hatley's favorite, a solid commitment to the run. Gerald Riggs Jr. left, up the middle, right, etc. I made it 28-14, but one more one bomb to Ted Ginn late in the 4th and that was that. Oh well. It made me so mad that I didn't want to play for a couple of days, and that's saying A LOT. I don't mind a fair game, or even losing an unfair matchup (like when I lost online in a close game as Missouri at Oklahoma). I really like playing as Missouri, since that means I get to play as QB Brad Smith, who is quite possibly my favorite player going into the college football season. That guy is just nasty running the option. He will make a nice pro someday, I predict.

There's a massive heat wave that is hitting the western 2/3 of the United States right now. People who try to find some reason to knock living in Tampa say, "Well, it's hot here! And humid!" Yeah, but it's hot and humid in Nashville, too, and in St. Louis. It's hot in New York City. Las Vegas in August? Ungodly hot. And I don't care if it's a "dry heat"; it's not so dry when your clothes become soaked in sweat in a matter of minutes. See, it gets hot everywhere (except maybe Cleveland, or Seattle, or places where the lake effect cools it down at night). But still, I'll take my October-March weather and be happy, thank you very much.

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