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July 7, 2003

This past weekend was a wild, fun time. Unfortunately, it was also very frustrating for me. My internet connection has been on the fritz, and an hour on the phone with Verizon yesterday did nothing to solve the problem. So trying to do anything from e-mail to updating this page ranged from difficult to impossible. Bad times on that.

If you've never used an optical mouse, I strongly suggest you give it a try. The mouse that came with my Dell computer in 2000 decided to quit working properly, so I had to replace it. The optical mouse I purchased has worked remarkably well so far. And with the optics, there's no mouse pad needed. I can deal with that just fine.

Question: what are all the pro-marriage advocates saying now that Kobe Bryant faces sexual assault charges in Colorado? Not that the situation wouldn't have happened were he single, but this example kind of flies in the face of the tainted notion that some people have that there's something positive about getting married young.

Speaking of marriage, Brent Hatley from the show got married a few days ago... and promptly lost the book. Trip to Vegas to hang with Hooters girls: out. Status as booker: out. Late nights at the strip clubs: out. Poor guy.

Here's a hint for you fellas out there: if you want to really have a good time at a strip club, bring some women along with you. Preferably after a night out at the bars. Just trust me on this one.

Is it supposed to be hard to get a prescription drug refill called in from the doctor's office? For some reason my physician and Eckerd's Pharmacy have been unable to get on the same page. Meanwhile with the soma count on zero, the headaches are starting to creep back. I only wish I could put into words the frustration I felt on Thursday at 4:35 PM when I called Dr. Corral's office... only to hear that they stopped taking calls at 4:30. AAARRGH.

If baseball is going to make the All-Star Game impact home field in the World Series, then I think it's time they drop the ridiculous "every team must have at least one All-Star" rule. Lance Carter as a token Devil Ray All Star (over Roger Clemens) is a bit outlandish.

My friend James and I are going to see Staind tomorrow night in St. Petersburg. I really like that band, and it should be a fun show...

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