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7 Overtime Thriller

July 22, 2003

I've been raving on here about how fun NCAA Football 2004 for the PS2 is recently. I finally completed my first season in the game late last night as Mississippi State, winning an absolute classic over Nebraska 63-57 in seven overtimes in the Cotton Bowl. Not to be "that guy" who tells long stories about video game experiences, but just indulge me here for a second with an e-mail I sent my bro and John Pouncey about the game (at 12:55 AM, no less):

Matt & Pounce,

I thought you guys would appreciate this... I just beat Nebraska with Mississippi State 63-57 in seven overtimes in NCAA Football 2004. That's right, SEVEN. It was insane, by far the most intense video game experience I've had in a long, LONG time. Nebraska scored on a TD pass with :01 to go (and then a 2-point conversion) to send it to OT (this after Nick Turner took back a punt 86 yards to give me the lead with 3:00 to go). The marathon game was grueling... MSU middle linebacker T.J. Mawhinney broke his jaw in OT3, then I broke Nebraska QB Jamaal Lord's collerbone on the Cornhuskers unsuccessful attempt to win the game with a two-point conversion in that same third OT. I finally managed to hold off Nebraska in OT7 on fourth down as freshman CB David Heard made an open field tackle on Nebraska sophomore TE Matt Herian to end it. Good times.


The game ranked as my #1 all-time "Greatest Game" according to EA Sports' mysterious (yet effective) formula for judging great games. Also, if it's any indication ahead to how the season will be, Washington WR Reggie Williams won the Heisman and Ohio State beat previously undefeated Oklahoma in the Sugar Bowl to repeat as national champs (with third-ranked and also unbeaten Notre Dame getting snubbed). The BCS even screws things up in video games.

Okay, that's all of that for now. I promise.

The controversy surrounding Iraq and the Weapons of Mass Destruction seems insane to me. The U.S. went in there and removed a dictator from power who is responsible for the torture and murder of tens of thousands of innocent people. Now there are some who, for their own political gain, are working to demonize the motivations for the events that lead to the ousting of that evil regime.

Jules Winnfield
"Mmm hmm, this is a tasty burger!"

Speaking of people with deceptive motivation for opposition to the war with Iraq, have you heard about how the French government is working to ban the word "e-mail" from the country? France wants its people to refer to it as "courriel". Seriously. All we need now is Vincent and Jules from Pulp Fiction talking about "Royale with Cheese" and "Le Big Mac".

Rhetorical question: where were all of those self-righteous congressmen and senators who are now trumpting laws that would imprison those who share music when the RIAA was busting for price-fixing? And how come the record industry's practice of illegal price-fixing was hardly given any press?!?

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