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Forearm Shiver

July 21, 2003

Perhaps my goodbye note for John Harding was a bit premature yesterday. Turns out that he's still working at WTSP, but they announced that he's going to be gone by the end of the year. Explain that one to me. The only thing I can figure is that this will allow them to actively and openly search for another anchor to replace him. Go figure.

It's official: my favorite Chinese restaurant is an obscure little place not too far from the Clear Channel Tampa headquarters. If you blink you'll miss it, but for $4.25 you get a good selection of delicious food. Plus (if you can keep yourself from the fried stuff) it's actually quite healthy. Broiled chicken, brocolli and rice... mmm. Delicious.

This morning I checked out a Geocities website that had a complete dossier on the 19-year-old Colorado woman who is accusing Lakers star Kobe Bryant of sexual assault. Pictures, name, address, e-mail, the whole nine yards. By midday it had disappeared. A story on the Drudge Report lead me to find it (he hinted that it was a site called "Kobe Accuser", which then didn't take me much detective work when it came to sticking that phrase after the part).

NCAA Football 2004 continues to be incredibly fun. That stuff is like a drug. The hook brings you back, as Blues Traveler would say. Right now I'm 5-2 with Mississippi State, which includes a thrilling overtime win at Auburn (but also a humiliating home loss against Vanderbilt with MSU QB Kevin Fant out with broken ribs). One of the great parts of the game is the "Sports Illustrated" section in the dynasty mode, where it has a virtual version of the magazine for every week. On the Top 25 list for the last week, it showed Eli Manning with the headline "No Love?", as then-unbeaten Ole Miss ranked at only #15 in the Top 25 polls.

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