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July 11, 2003

This past Tuesday night's Staind show at Jannus Landing in St. Petersburg was a great time. James rolled by here at about 4:30, and the crown-and-coke was flowin'. The atmosphere was ungodly hot and humid, despite it being a nighttime show at the outdoor venue. Staind put on a good performance, though I heard stories later from people about how Aaron Lewis (Staind's lead singer) supposedly smelled just ridiculously strong of pot before the band went on. Regardless, they played the songs the people came out to hear, and the audience went home happy (and as you may know, you've got to please the fans or they won't come back).

This week has been amazingly busy. I've launched, which is the first of what should be a number of free-standing websites spun off of sub-sections from Unfortunately, advertisers for some reason shy away from personal webpages, or even targeted niche pages that are sub-sects of personal pages. So because of that, I'm taking a new approach. The Hot Talk page will soon have its own URL, and I hope to launch a website for my dad's business (On-Site Systems) and possibly a professional voiceover site for a co-worker of mine. I'm going with a hosting service called for the new pages, on the advice of my friend Zach Collier. So far it seems to have been an excellent suggestion.

Speaking of Zach, I was supposed to go up to Gulf Shores, Alabama this weekend to hang out with him and a bunch of other friends from Nashville. Unfortunately, the long drive coupled with the time commitment and the cost is precluding me from going up there. I'd been looking forward to it for awhile, but sometimes things don't work out like that. Argh.

WTSP reporter Mike Deeson did a story on Bubba the Love Sponge yesterday on the 6 PM news. Mike is a friend of mine and a very well respected reporter in the Tampa market. The story involved a medical examiner who pulled Bubba over in Plant City using his medical examiner badge. That is tantamount to impersonating an officer and should not be tolerated. Bubba spoke out about it on the air last week, and much to my pleasant surprise Mike called me up yesterday wanting to get ahold of Bubba to do the story. That was nice to see.

Tropical Storm Claudette is moving (slowly) toward the coast. Viewers of WTSP had better hope that Claudette doesn't reach hurricane strength; remember, the Executive Meddler is "over" hurricanes. And as for the EM, I hear that recently the dayside folks finally got a taste of some of the maddening, arbitrary decision-making that was a daily part of my 13 month torment under her at WTSP. In a metaphoric sense, it's fitting that a poisonous snake is finally exposed in the light of the daytime.

Marisa Coughlan
Not even Marisa Coughlan could make Freddie Got Fingered worth watching.

And, yes, I do know that many people from WTSP read this webpage. Of course, to read it from me is one thing, but now that some people have finally seen it for themselves in person... well, as Brent Hatley would say, glad you're feeling good.

I finally saw the movie Super Troopers on cable the other night. And, wow, it was hilarious. I want to see it again to catch the first few minutes that I missed (on the phone with my brother, Matt). What was strange was seeing Marisa Coughlan, the cute chick cop from Super Troopers (and the short-lived but compelling ABC show Wasteland), in Freddie Got Fingered on HBO last night (which I could tolerate for all of maybe 30 seconds). Tom Green can be hilarious, but that wasn't the case at all in FGF.

Let's hope the third time is the charm: Sony has sent me a reconditioned PlayStation 2 to make up for the one that had a disc read error (which Sony failed to permanently fix when I mailed it to them the first time for repair). So far, so good (knock on wood). I'm finally now able to play Sega Sports Tennis, which I received as a Christmas present but which absolutely refused to play on my old PS2.

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