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J.R. Ewing

January 16, 2008

If you like the Counting Crows (and I certainly do), you absolutely owe it to yourself to go to their website and download the two new singles from their forthcoming album Saturday Nights and Sunday Mornings. Here is the direct link; I'm not sure how long it will last, so get them while you can.

The tracks are 128 kbps quality. The first single, "1492", is a song I heard the band play live at the House of Blues near Orlando nearly seven years ago! It was nice to finally hear the studio version of it today. The other track, "When I Dream Of Michaelangelo", is also a very good song.

QDOS Ranking
Check out my QDOS ranking!

By chance this morning I ran across an interesting article about a website called, which is in its beta testing stage. I laughed at the financial misquote in the article ("9 million, or $17.6 billion" -- has the power of the dollar really fallen that far?!?) but the concept intrigued me. (Note: the million/billion error has since been fixed.)

I went to the QDOS site, which is still in beta testing, and signed up to be a tester. Apparently there's not much of a waiting list, as within five minutes I received an invite e-mail and link.

They had me fill out some information about myself, including websites that I'm involved with (MySpace, Blogger, Digg, etc.), the system did a bit of number crunching, and it gave me my "Q number", which is a mix of several factors: Popularity, Impact, Activity, and Individuality.

My number was 5160, which means nothing unless you have something with which to compare it. To the right here I have a screencap of how it ranked me with actors. Take that, James Gandolfini and Larry David!

But I checked my rank again as I was writing this, and my score was up to 5705. So either it takes time for the information to be fully populated within the system, or that "beta" tag is more accurate than I had hoped. Also, it appears the score can fluctuate depending on factors that I don't quite understand.

The point of it all? I'm not quite sure. But that's the fun of the internet; you never know what you'll find next.

Patrick Ewing, Jr.
Patrick Ewing, Jr. attends Georgetown.

I find it amusing that Patrick Ewing, Jr., who plays for Georgetown, has the phrase "EWING JR" on the back of his jersey. You know, like J.R. Ewing from the show Dallas? Though, now that I think about it, Dallas went off the air in 1991, so the humor may be lost on the college players. But it made me laugh.

Consider this: the "Who Shot J.R." cliffhanger happened 28 years ago! I know that some of you reading this suddenly feel really old. 1980 was even before my time as far as watching TV (I was two and a half years old when the cliffhanger aired in March 1980), but it was a landmark moment in 1980s television. Time flies.

Because my job involves having a strong knowledge of college football, I haven't watched a whole lot of college basketball as of late. But the Georgetown/Pitt game was on ESPN on Monday night, which precipitated a conversation about Ewing, Jr. and the humor of the way his name appears on his jersey.

While football is my main concentration, I do enjoy basketball on both the college and pro level. And, once the Super Bowl has passed, that's the crux of what will make up my live sports broadcast viewing between then and August. It's almost depressing to write that, but at least there is some high-level NFL action to go before the end of the current run.

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