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Last Payoff

January 29, 2007

It's coming up on 60,000 miles for Lou Junior (my Honda Accord), shown here, and it's time for a tune-up, balance, new tires, etc. But no worries here; today I mailed off my final payment on the car. This is the first time I've had a car payment in my life (I saved up in the past to get a car), and it will be nice to have that monthly sting removed from my life.

What's more, Accords generally are good for 150,000 miles, if not more, so I should be alright for now. Plus my car still looks great, a nice combo of value and style. And that mafia trunk in the back is great for hauling stuff.

I put the trunk to good use yesterday. Yesterday afternoon I spent hours cleaning, going through boxes, and finding junk to throw out. I'm a bit of a packrat, but my forthcoming living arrangement in Nashville will not leave much room for extra stuff, and the more room I need for storage, the more I have to pay. So making the cut is going to be tough; my well-worn sofa and matching chair, which are nearly 25 years old, likely won't leave Alabama with me.

Two corrections from the last column. The big song for Procol Harem was "Whiter Shade of Pale" (not the Moody Blues' "Nights in White Satin"; I've since changed it), and Matt contends that the mouth-washout incident happened in Nashville, not Harriman. He's the one who endured the torment, not me, so I'll take his word for it.

My newest addiction is soy milk. That's right, soy milk. My Dad, who has a tough time drinking regular milk, convinced me to try some last year. Unfortunately it was freshly opened and room temperature, which is hardly the way to drink it. I expected to hate it... but, surprisingly, it wasn't bad.

Then, the next time I was in town, I poured a small glass of it, and found it to be delicious. I'm not sure if it's the vanilla flavoring, the way that it's not like water like the skim milk I typically drink, or what, but soon I was hooked.

The kind my Dad typically gets comes in a red carton, but I've had trouble finding that type in Alabaster, so instead I've gone with Silk, which apparently is a major label soy milk provider. They sell two half-gallon cartons that come in one easy-to-hold mini-box. Why they don't just sell it in one gallon I don't know, but the way I go through the stuff, it'd be nice if it would last.

Unfortunately, I have a tough time with moderation with things that taste really good (chocolate, ice cream, etc.) which generally means that I don't keep them around the house. You'd think that I could control myself with soy milk of all things, but it tastes really good.

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