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January 9, 2006

Howard Stern debuted today here at the Sirius Satellite Studios here in Manhattan. Wow, what an event. Time is short, but when I have an opportunity, I'll tell about how exciting that was.

Then this afternoon, the show I work for, Bubba The Love SpongeŽ, made its debut on Howard 101. It was hard work getting everything in place, but it was a fun kind of hard work, if that makes any sense. It's thrilling to be part of something that is so historic within the world of radio, and more important a rebirth for a show that many people, even within our industry, had written off as being finished.

Finished? I think not. Nationwide, coast-to-coast, thanks to Sirius Satellite Radio. Everyone who I've met here so far has been amiable, and this seems like a wonderful place to work. We'll be based out of Tampa normally, but for a place to debut, this is a nice location from which to start.

Time is short, so I must end now. But I made it here safely, things are off to a fantastic start, and the real fun has now begun. As the great writer Bill Simmons would say: Good Times!

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