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Move Across The Bay

January 2, 2006

It's complete. I've checked out of the Hotel Guinness. Last night I moved the last of my stuff out of my apartment in Ybor, and brought it over to my new place here in St. Petersburg.

The move was a collosal pain in the ass. I forgot how much of a hassle moving is. Because of my trip to Nashville for Christmas, I didn't have enough time to get all of my possessions packed up before it was time to move. Consequently, there was a great deal of stuff that I had to move on my own (they're movers, not packers.) If you ever need to move in the Tampa Bay area, try Purple People Movers.

Not to whine, but my body aches. The move proved to be some great exercise, but wow did it leave me sore.

The new apartment is great. It isn't a brand new place like my apartment in Ybor, but I like it. The area is nice, too. People actually go outside here, and families with children are here, as the neighborhood kids have been out playing ball in the street/grassy area several times. In Ybor you wouldn't let your kids out to play, no way, and even if you did there's not exactly a great deal of play room.

What I'm digging the most is the fact that the tennis court is nearly literally outside my front door. The court isn't right next to the building (that would be annoying on many levels) but it's closer to me than my car is, and I get to park pretty close to my front door.

There are all kinds of boxes strewn about the apartment. Because the return of the Bubba The Love Sponge show is one week from today, I worked on this holiday (New Year's Day observed.) Consequently, I wasn't able to spend the day arranging things.

Time now to play some Civilization IV...

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