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Crazy Hits

January 27, 2005

The hits are starting to roll in from people looking online for Gasparilla information. On Yahoo!, I have the #1 *and* #9 listings for the search term gasparilla night parade (no quotation marks). So in a couple of weeks, that should be paying off with some crazy hits.

Speaking of crazy hits, is well ahead of last year's pace as far as hits go. As I recall from 2004, it was after the Super Bowl when the really crazy high volume kicked in, but this year it started shortly after the regular season ended.

Within one week I should finally have my new, faster DSL service in place at home. It's about time. To say that I've been patient with this would be a major understatement.

Yesterday I made it home with maybe a minute to spare before the main Camden office closed. Knowing that my Barnes & Noble order was slated to arrive by UPS, I went to the office (where UPS/FedEx orders are left for people who aren't home) and picked it up at the 5:59 mark. Close one there. I spent most of last night reading, beginning on both Howard Stern's Private Parts and Blink by Malcom Gladwell. The Stern book is very interesting, as is Gladwell's (in an entirely different way). The way that Blink looks at the subconscious mind and how it can influence our everyday actions is quite fascinating.

As for deliveries, I'm hoping that the Fire Pro Wrestling D game that I bought for the Dreamcast will arrive today. My Dreamcast isn't "modded" to play Japanese games, but I did manage to create a special boot disc that supposedly will work. We'll see. Fire Pro D was the last of a great line of games in the Fire Pro series, and it came out right about the time when I started to lose interest in pro wrestling. In other words, it has the characters in there from when I cared about it... and it's worth mentioning that the game received rave reviews. It didn't cost very much, so we'll see how it goes.

Time now to go swim with the sharks in the traffic on I-275...

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