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Gasparilla 2005: A Look Ahead

January 24, 2005

This year the Gasparilla day parade is taking place on January 29. That might seem strange on the surface, considering that the event traditionally takes place on the first weekend of February. But the Super Bowl is in Jacksonville this year, and so Gasparilla 2005 is being wrapped around it. Gasparilla Day Parade this Saturday, the Super Bowl the following weekend in Jacksonville, and then the crazy Gasparilla Night Parade on February 12. I love Tampa.

In case you wonder just what Gasparilla is all about... well I'll let you read my past accounts of it. Some people call it a "mini Mardi Gras", but that might get you into a fight if you tell that to someone from New Orleans. Here are my accounts of the Gasparilla events from years gone by.

Gasparilla 2004: Day Parade/Night Parade
Gasparilla 2003: Day Parade/Night Parade Pt. 1 and Night Parade Pt. 2
Gasparilla 2002: Day Parade (blurb at the bottom)

You should see the hits that these pages get from search engines for things like "Gasparilla Beads" and "Gasparilla Pics" and "Gasparilla Pictures". Speaking of beads, I've got a huge bag full of them just waiting to be brought out for this year's fun. Ahhh yeah.

I received a bit of good news today about my DSL situation. Verizon called me on my cell phone at work to tell me that the "disconnected" order from the old DSL place *finally* has gone through and that they can now get me hooked up with the new, faster, less expensive DSL. I've been without for almost the entire month, and it really makes me appreciate having the internet at home. I don't buy a daily paper -- usually my news gathering comes from TV and the internet (which of course uses AP stories that make up much of the state and national news in the papers).

I hate to cut this short, but I stayed late from work just to do this. From here it's off to the post office to drop off some Bubba merchandise (and to pick up some more boxes).

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