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DSL Wait

January 17, 2005

It's official: I'm in internet withdrawl. Oh, I get it at work. But we're coming up on two weeks Thursday since I lost internet access at home, and I am hurting bad without it. I'd settle for 14.4 baud right now. It's that bad.

The Colts lost yesterday, which hurt. Damn Bill Belichick always finds a way to stick it to Indianapolis. It's hard to fault Manning though with all of the dropped passes that his receivers had. But the credit belongs to the patchwork secondary of New England. Somehow they pulled it together.

In the pick 'em work pool, I have Atlanta winning it all, as I mentioned in my last column. It turns out that out of 37 entries, I was the *only* person to take Atlanta. So the outcome of the New England/Pittsburgh game is meaningless to me in that. So long as Atlanta beats Philly and wins the Super Bowl, I'll win $360. It's a tall order, I know, but you show me a sports book in Vegas where I could've taken Atlanta to win it all with those types of odds. Exactly.

It's time to go home now -- I'm the last one left in the office (it's almost 6 PM). I worked like mad trying to get a bunch of BTLS merchandise orders ready to go out, and then it turned out that our postage machine was out of money. And yes, I know today is the MLK Jr. holiday for the post office, but I planned to drop off all the boxes at the main post office (which is open). But alas, that shall have to wait till tomorrow.

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