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Selecting the Falcons

January 13, 2005

I'm in a work pick-em pool for the NFL playoffs. It's a little unusual in that we picked our first round games, then with the rest of the playoff bracket set we had to pick through the Super Bowl this week.

Because I went 1-for-4 in the first round (picking the favorites didn't work out well for me), and due to the fact that there are approx. 35 people in this pool, I decided to pick Atlanta over Pittsburgh for my pool selection. I still think that Pittsburgh will win it all, but I didn't want to put myself in a position like Pat Brown, who had the exact same picks as Tom Flammia but who unfortunately went 1-for-4 like me; Tom went 2-for-4. No matter what happens, Pat can't win. And it's a winner-take-all pool. So while I think the Steelers will win, and I hope the Colts will win, I would definitely benefit from an Atlanta upset run.

Do any of you out there know of a program I can run on my server to stop people from leeching .jpg files from my site? It seems that every day someone is putting the Anchorman pic from my January 15, 2004 commentary on a blog or a message board. Yesterday I went so far as to name my file "anchorman-donotleech.jpg", but that didn't stop two people from doing just that. I've been changing the name and replacing the old files with a small Draft King banner, but it gets tedious doing that day-in and day-out.

I bought my co-worker Tony Capers' Sega Dreamcast, games and accessories for $25. The Dreamcast was the last video game system that Sega made before finally becoming a software-only company. But it's still an excellent system that has some fun games that can be purchased very cheap. Good times on that. Plus the laser gun and game that uses the laser gun that Tony had (but I have no interest in) should sell well on eBay. The gun itself should pull about $10-15, probably more like $15 with the game. So my purchase price would drop to $10 with that factored into it. Not too shabby. I can't wait to give Fire Pro Wrestling D a try... (I already found it, also cheap, on eBay).

Tomorrow I might take off as a personal day -- I'm still contemplating it as of this writing. I have four leftover days from 2004 remaining; if I don't use them by March 1, I get paid half-time for them. So my preference is to have my time, but the way things are going behind the scenes (no, I won't spill any secrets here), I'm not sure if I'll have things here that I need to do. But by the same token, I might be super busy here real soon, to the point where vacation days would be an impossibility...

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