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January 10, 2005

Keep your eyes on your money, they say. And in that line of thought, here's a quick, one-question test that will test your ability to spot a real penny from among fakes:

For the record, my guess was wrong. If you get it right... well, then good for you.

There were some crazy NFL playoff games over the weekend. I received a much-appreciated round of props from people on Peyton Manning's performance against Denver yesterday, as if I had anything to do with it. I just wear his jersey sometimes and cheer for him. However, the other three playoff games ended with the road teams winning, which was rather strange. On St. Louis' winning scoring drive where the Rams completed a 35 yard (or so) pass that went out of bounds on the St. Louis sidelines, you could see Rams coach Mike Martz giving this evil laugh that looked like something straight out of an old Shane Douglas ECW interview. Martz is jokingly (?) called the "mad scientist" of the NFL, but he sure looked it there. Unfortunately I don't have a pic of it to put on there... It's lost like the shots of Jeff Fisher from last year's playoffs where his snot froze to the moustache part of his beard in New England. I saw shots all over the place of the person (gender undetermined) at the Colts game wearing the blue fro wig and blue glasses with the Colts horseshoe logo in each frame who kind of looked like Joe Pantoliano, but the insane evil laugh of Martz was nowhere to be found. So it goes.

I'm upgrading the DSL at my house via Verizon, which will end up with me having twice-as-fast service (1.5 vs. 750 KB) at a lower price. But because the old service, set up in April 2001, went through "a different company", the song-and-dance to get it upgraded is annoying, to say the least. So I have to have my commentary typing for free time here at work (I'm here at 5:26 PM working on it right now)... or ask to use my upstairs neighbor's computer, but she'd probably take that as carte blanche to ask me for anything and everything like Felicia in the movie Friday. But then again, she already does that, so I guess it would be no loss...

I just looked on Alexa, and came in at 43,392 for its traffic rank for yesterday. That's an all-time record for me for any of my sites... higher than Draft King at its apex last year (approx. 87,500) and even higher than had when Clear Channel dropped Bubba and Stern last year (approx. 46,000). Google doesn't have a very good ranking for Draft King, but it shows up on the first page for a search for "2005 NFL Draft" on MSN (and it's #11 on Yahoo!). Two out of three works for me...

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