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Super Bowl XL Aftermath

February 7, 2006

The crying out of Seattle over Super Bowl XL really surprises me. The Seahawks lost to the Steelers, who were the better team. But to hear some people tell it, you'd think that it was the referees (and not the Steelers) who beat the Seahawks.

The refs didn't let Willie Parker make that Super Bowl record 75 yard run. Or that Antwan Randel El gadget play TD pass to Hines Ward. There was one true phantom call (on the low hit call made against Seattle -- on a guy making a tackle!) but overall it's sour grapes to me.

Super Bowl XL MVP Hines Ward
Pittsburgh: Hines Ward

Angry Seattle fans
Seattle: Whines Hard

The post-Super Bowl time is bittersweet for NFL fans. There's the jubilation of the final game, the championship buzz, the excitement, etc. But then there's the sad reality that we won't see another NFL game that counts until September.

One nice thing for me is that the NFL Draft is in late April, and that means big-time traffic for (my NFL Draft website) between now and the draft. And typically, once the Super Bowl ends, interest in the draft really ramps up.

Something I must note: my friend Scott Massey called me up, from the Seattle area, no less, predicting a Seahawks victory before the game on Sunday. He wanted to bet $50 on it. That was too rich for my blood, so we made it for $5 for the next time we meet up, which will hopefully be before 2010.

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