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My Stanley Cup

February 24, 2005

Well, there's no NHL hockey this season, but I have the Stanley Cup here at my desk. No, it's not the real thing (obviously), but it's a color image of one that came as part of a mailer that I received some time back when the Tampa Bay Lightning were trying to get me to buy season tickets. So, for now, it's hanging up on my cubicle wall at work.

Tomorrow I plan on taking off from work. No particular reason, just a nice three-day weekend. It's the last of the carryover days from 2004. Might as well use it while I still can.

Isn't there something strangely appropriate about Randy Moss being traded to the Oakland Raiders? The oft-fined Moss joining the "outlaw" franchise with the crazy (err I mean eccentric) owner, Al Davis... Actually this is the first time since Cris Carter played in Minnesota that Moss will have a legit strong receiving threat opposite from him, as Oakland earlier this week signed WR Jerry Porter to a long-term deal.

There have been trades galore in the NBA, with the 3 PM Eastern deadline hitting today. Perhaps the most one-sided deal was Golden State trading Speedy Claxton and Dale Davis to New Orleans to get two-time All-Star Baron Davis. Are you freaking kidding me?!? Baron Davis was sixth in scoring last season, and unlike other players who wanted to be traded (think Vince Carter in Toronto), Baron actually played hard and didn't sulk. Imagine that. New Orleans looks like the easy mark in a fantasy league who only has one good player left by mid-season and then gets ripped off in a trade for him.

It seems that everyone here at DigiQuest is iPod crazy. I mentioned earlier this week how I helped David Ogg figure out a couple of songs from his iPod. But all the talk today has seemed to surround the new iPods that just came out, making last week's iPods outdated (and those had really done a number on the monochrome screened predecessors from late last year). I think I'll be content sitting on the sidelines watching the technology race onward and upward and the price go down. At least for awhile.

My buying power is making a difference at the Dale Mabry/I-275 Kash 'N Karry. Think I'm kidding? They used to carry four 12-packs of Diet Mountain Dew Code Red. But I drink that stuff like it gives me magical powers or something, and because you pretty much have to buy it in bulk (good luck finding it in a vending machine), I buy quite a bit at a time. I've been known to buy all four 12-packs in one visit. Well I guess Kash 'N Karry became savvy to all of this, as I went there yesterday and discovered that now they stock *six* 12-packs of Diet Mountain Dew Code Red in the carbonated beverage aisle. And in my book, that's a-okay.

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