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Pop-Up Sneaks

February 18, 2005

Pop-up ads are an evil, vile plague of the internet. It's a virtual punch to the face, if you will. And then there are pop-up ad companies that promise things like this:

How Does The New Popup Code Work:
Our new code works by detecting whether or not a surfer has popup blocking on. If detected, a layer ad is displayed that bypasses most popup blockers that users might have.

Of course, that will just lead to better pop-up blockers, and in turn even more evil pop-up ads. Ads on a page, that makes sense. If something interests you, the opportunity is there to check it out. But not so with pop-ups. Though, thanks to web-browsing programs like Firefox, those evil pop-ups are already a problem that has been solved. Are you listening, Bill Gates?

Karl Malone kicks Robert Horry
Look at Karl Malone kick Robert Horry in the junk.

I have my Winamp player on random, with thousands of tracks, and it just offered up a quick clip of The Ladies Man saying "I've got my courvoisier" followed immediately by "The Thong Song" by Sisqo (one of those songs that reminds me of my time in Huntington, WV). Maybe it means nothing to you, but that combo made me laugh.

You might be wondering when/if I'm going to comment on Karl Malone's retirement (since I've had some things to say about him in the past, like here and here), but there is something in the works. Scott Massey and I are trying a first-ever cross-country e-mail discussion about Malone (which was his idea), but I think I overwhelmed him with my last e-mail. And he's the guy who knows about 10 times more about the NBA than I do. Though, to be fair, most of my info came from the Karl Malone Is A Menace website.

(But, seriously, check out that picture of Malone kicking Robert Horry in the balls. Though Horry got the last laugh: Malone retired with zero championship rings, and Horry has five of them... and might get more before it's all said and done.)

The new season of Survivor is off to a good start. They've already started mixing things up from seasons past, but they did it without messing with the intrinsic nature of the show. If they start letting people who've been kicked off back on again like they did a couple of seasons ago, I'm gonna get pissed. Hopefully they've learned their lesson on that. Thank god they gave the heave-ho to that horribly annoying woman (Wanda) who had these awful songs about Survivor that she apparently wrote before she came on the show. Though had she stuck around, we might've seen the first homicide in Survivor history.

But at least that awful singing is gone. It already looks like the "bad guy" set up is Coby, the effeminate hairdresser, who wasted no time in playing strategy games. Normally I end up cheering for the bad guy on Survivor (since the "nice people" end up acting all self-righteous, and if there's anything that will get me riled up, it's someone acting self-righteous). Jonny Fairplay, Boston Rob, even Richard Hatch I pulled for. Coby I don't know about yet, since I'm not sure if he's savvy enough (he didn't pick Angie for his team, who would've been a natural ally -- even if he planned to turn on her later). But that could've also been manipulative editing. We'll see what the next few weeks reveal...

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