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Lost and Found

February 16, 2005

Another episode of the outstanding show Lost on ABC is on tonight. Should be great. It's wonderful when a new show is one that I enjoy, is very intelligently put together, and is a winner in the ratings (Lost is consistently in the Top 10 and last week gave a big beating to The Simple Life: Interns). Best drama on TV? I sure think so.

WPYM (Party 93.1) in Miami has flipped formats to Active Rock, which is too bad since it was a dance station that I enjoyed listening to online sometimes. But one really good dance station online that I recommend is, of all things, a high school station based up in Seattle. It has by far the best production value of any high school station (or college station for that matter) that I've ever heard. C89.5 is what's it's called (KNHC are its call letters), and if you like dance music it is well worth your time to check out. Commercial-free, 128 kbps streaming, good times.

Something I noticed on Monday when going to Westshore Mall to grab lunch at Chick-Fil-A; when you walk past the nail manicure place that's just to the left of the main doors that I normally enter through, you are hit with this stifling, nearly overwhelming paint/acryllic smell. I couldn't imagine being a patron of that store, let alone an employee. I know the days of lead-based paint are gone, but whatever is wafting from that store can't be healthy. If I worked there I'd want to be equipped with my own personal oxygen unit at all times. It's a good thing that I have no plans to open up Lou's Flamethrowers 'N Knicknacks next door, or else there might be a horrible disaster in the works.

The NHL season has been called off, and maybe I'm alone on this, but I think this is a better result than a 28 game season and a full playoff run. It would certainly cheapen the whole process for me. The game may suffer irreperable harm from it, but the reality is that three teams have had to file for bankruptcy since the last collective bargaining agreement (1995), and that in conjunction with a rapid over-expansion has caused major problems. Let them figure things out over the summer, reach some sort of compromise then, and start over this fall.

And, hey, the Lightning get to keep the Stanley Cup for another year. Not that they've particularly had the chance to enjoy being champs this year, though...

In the latest case of government knows best, the House of Representatives passed the "Indecency Enforcement Act of 2005" which would raise the fine from $32,500 to $500,000 per offense for a license owner and, additionally, to $500,000 for an individual. In theory a band could be fined for what someone else does with one of their recordings, which is ridiculous. The Senate is exploring similar legislation, though their version at least doesn't have the individual fine attachment. These self-righteous types in DC are very much of touch with reality, in my estimation. But this will pass and then, much like the IRS with taxes, the FCC will be used to do the dirty work and will receive the focus of the anger from the public. Government knows best, eh? Yet another reason why I'm proud to be a Libertarian...

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