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February 9, 2004

For the first time in too long, I got a workout in at the gym this morning. And, wow, I can tell the difference today. My energy level is sky-high, I feel great, and overall the positive impact makes the 6 AM wakeup time well worth it. The only downside was finding that the TVs in the gym apparently have been tinkered with, as I was unable to find ESPN (for the old tradition of watching SportsCenter on mute during my workout). So it goes.

Four days from now I'll be in New Orleans. As it seems to go with most trips, this one is sneaking up on me. Not that I might though... the Big Easy sneaking up on me is a-okay in my book. Just as long as I have a chance to re-read some of my old commentaries about past visits, and maybe even a few of the Bill Simmons columns about the city, I'll be good to go.

I'm meeting my friend James down there, which should be great. When he and I work in tandem in meeting women, it usually works out very well. And with the alcohol of Bourbon Street and the energy of the Mardi Gras season flowing... well who knows what will happen. Oh hell yeah.

Unfortunately Velvet won't be able to make it down from Huntington, which is too bad cause that would've been off the chain. You have no idea. But I've been to New Orleans enough to know that the craziness level will be high enough as-is without any subplots involved. And what's more is that James has never been to New Orleans. He asked me if he needed to bring some alcohol for the trip; I simply laughed. We'll see what he says after four hurricanes...

Oh, and if I didn't mention this before, this is the weekend before the weekend before Mardi Gras. Which means it will be packed -- hopefully not insanely packed where you can't move around, but nonetheless full of beautiful women ready to have a good time. I love New Orleans. God, I love that city. Stake out a spot on the balcony at the Cats Meow and watch the fun begin...

Plus, this time around I'll have a digital camera with me. Do you realize the possibilities that exist here? And how grateful I am to Southwest Airlines for having a cheap, direct flight from Tampa to New Orleans?

There's no word from ABC on when the final four episodes of Line Of Fire will air. They'll presumably run after February sweeps is over, but that remains to be seen. NYPD Blue has reclaimed the 10/9 spot on Tuesday night, so who knows what will become of the show. If it gets cancelled, I will be incredibly angry. I love that show.

Speaking of love, it's been almost a week now... and I still love my Honda Accord. It's a V4, which may sound wimpy, but the 2.3L Engine has plenty of get-up-and-go to it. Good times on that. Not to sound like a commercial, but that car is the most fun to drive of any I've ever driven. The 0-40 speed is remarkable (for once I actually have use for the tachometer... at least from a curiosity standpoint, since the car is an automatic). It's really quite exciting, save for sitting in traffic on I-275 (though with properly functioning air conditioning, I travel in comfort -- and plus I look damn good riding in that thing).

ABC carried the Lakers/Magic game on national television yesterday... and I wonder: why? Orlando also played a nationally televised game on ESPN last week. The team, for those of you who don't follow the NBA, is having a horrible season. It's kind of mind-boggling why they're getting so much exposure (save for having superstar Tracy McGrady on board)...

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