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Cause and Effect

December 3, 2008

"Everyone I know has got a reason to say
Put the past away"
-Third Eye Blind "Jumper"

Last night I stayed at my parents' house in Nashville, doing so because of their proximity to the Aflac regional office, where I took part in a morning/afternoon twinbill of training meetings today. Insurance sales is quite a departure from much of my past work experience, but I look forward to the challenge of it.

Cash has been very tight for me, and as a result I've been selling off CDs, mostly those that I've owned dating back to my college days. In the digital era, holding onto those relics is really pointless in my opinion, save for some classic discs (the first two Pearl Jam CDs, the first two Weezer CDs, Oasis' (What's The Story) Morning Glory?, the 2Pac double greatest hits CDs, etc.)

Unfortunately I've had trouble finding the cases to go with some of my CDs that I've kept for more than a decade in three large Case Logic holders. It's possible that they're actually in storage under my brother's house, so tomorrow I'll get to crawl around under there and see what I can find. Last night I tried in vain to find them at my parents' place.

During my search in the basement for the missing cases, I found some interesting things, including an audiotape of me speaking French at age three (if only I had continued to study French as a child!) Also I found a pair of sturdy storage containers with miscellaneous things of mine, varying from old photos to papers to award to an unopened pair of WWF wrestling figures of Rick and Scott Steiner. I even found an unopened pack of Upper Deck football cards from 1993 and an unopened pack of '93-94 Fleer Ultra NBA basketball cards. eBay, here I come!

Along with all of that, I found four diaries from my high school days. This afternoon I read through some of them and found myself rather depressed with it. I used to take shit from so many people, from so-called friends to girls I was chasing after, none of whom deserved to give any of it to me.

Nigel McGuinness
ROH World Champion Nigel McGuinness is a talented wrestler.

After my workout tonight I took the diaries and tossed them into a dumpster. I'm sure my mom will be sad to read this, but there wasn't any content worth saving out of them. It was teenage drivel about the mundane, empty stories lined with pointless details, with the only content of note being my own responses to manipulation that I wasn't necessarily savvy enough to pick up on or fully understand how to be able to counter at the time.

A decade later and the diary content would have been the stuff of blogs, but blogging in 1993 didn't exist. Hell, when I started writing on this site in April 2000, the concept of blogging was in its most infantile stages, limited to those with the rare ability to both handle website code and to write. I still resent the notion of this being a "blog", perhaps with a snobbish or elitist attitude similar to old-time newspaper writers who look down at internet content publishers.

Late tonight, my friend Gary Graham posted a comment on my MySpace page asking me if I was going to the Ring of Honor show in Nashville on Saturday night. This was news to me -- I had no idea they were coming here.

I'm a longtime fan of Ring of Honor (as I've referenced before on here), a small pro wrestling promotion that has a loyal fan base and which puts on outstanding matches in the ring. WWE is pathetic with its contrived sports entertainment bullshit, and TNA with Vince Russo at the wheel is a mess. But that news totally made my night. Plus tickets are just $10 ($15 for ringside), a total bargain for the quality of wrestlers who will be performing on the show.

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