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Titus in the Snow

December 16, 2008

My brother Matt has a wonderful, beautiful, loveable English Bulldog named Titus. I really need to tell you all about him on here soon.

In the meantime, you can check him out for yourself as he experienced snow for the first time ever last Thursday, December 12, 2008. I was at my parents' house that night because of work reasons but luckily Matt captured it on video.

Coming soon: video of me predicting the breakout of the internet into a worldwide phenomenon... in December 1995. I'm dead serious. I didn't know I had even said that, but thanks to the family tradition of recording Christmas and my sister Mary Beth doing a great job of archiving and transferring video to DVD, it exists in digital form. When I figure out how to edit video on this computer with the freeware that's out there (and I know how to edit; I did it in TV news for nearly two years and in creating DVDs for Bubba the Love Sponge during my run in Tampa) I'll throw it on YouTube.

In the meantime, enjoy the fun and charm of Titus. These go in sequential order; if you want to watch any of them in high quality (unfortunately I can't seem to get them to embed that way), then click on the link in red above the one you'd like to see in higher clarity.

Titus in the Snow #1 - 1:11

Titus in the Snow #2 - 0:34

Titus in the Snow #3 - 0:19

Titus in the Snow #4 - 0:27

Titus in the Snow #5 - 0:34

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