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Busy Season

December 14, 2007

Busy season is upon me with my work with Draft King. I've put a considerable amount of effort into getting that website to where it needs to be, even at the expense of this site and others that I run, but it's been well worth it to give it as strong of an opportunity as possible to succeed.

It has been the ideal job for me. I watched more college football this fall than I ever have before, and I loved it. Writing about it has been a thrill, and I wake up every morning thoroughly enjoying what I do.

Financially, I'm in that in-between period from where the money I saved up before I left Adenus has dwindled and the significant cash from Draft King hasn't begun to pour in just yet, not with lead times and delays that I knew going into this would be a reality. But the wonderful thing about website publishing is that it doesn't entail having to buy a printing press or entice subscribers or involve a thousand things that "old media" style publications have. I put it online, people read it, and that's that.

It's hard to beat the lifestyle. There's no commute with what I do. I'm not entirely cut off from the outside world; with my flexible schedule, I've been able to hit the gym at my convenience, which has been wonderful. Fast food is a rarity for me.

Crew at the Titans game
From this past Sunday's Titans/Chargers game: me, Amy, Matt, and Jenna posed for this picture.
Moving to Nashville has been wonderful for me. I've lost 30 pounds since I moved here in April and have easily the best tan of my life, thanks to the tanning bed in Matt's room, which we recently installed with new bulbs. I've never once been complimented about a suntan; to the contrary, I've faced quips about being the palest man in Tampa, etc. But last weekend two separate women went out of their way to compliment me on my tan. Good times.

For a moment or two it looked like I might been in the running for a lucrative job in Atlanta. I hate moving, and I don't want to move again, particularly not from this comfortable set-up I have here in the Nashville area. But the prospective job didn't work out, and while the megabucks it would have brought would have been nice, in the long run this might work out for the best.

The next 3-4 months will be vital to me as far as indicating if Draft King truly is a viable full-time job. I'm going to give it my best; wish me luck with it. Again, the beauty of the internet is the scalability of it, where I can reach an audience of potentially hundreds of thousands a day without having to make massive investments in equipment. As long as my ISP holds up, and it has to date even in my busiest times, it should be good.

At the very least, I'm taking a shot at something that both fits my skills and interest levels ideally and which could turn into something very lucrative. And, by my estimation, that's a chance worth taking.

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