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Razor Creativity

December 3, 2006

Sometimes a little too much creativity with a razor can create odd results. In trimming up my goatee tonight, I ended up shaving it down to a soul patch. So now I have the Howie Mandell look going, only my soul patch (and what a stupid term that is) goes all the way across the bottom of my chin (even with my mouth.) A picture would explain better, but I have misplaced my camera somewhere in my cavernous apartment, so for now my awkward description will have to suffice.

My Christmas shopping is nearly complete, and I managed to do it all (so far) via the internet. Malls, with their big crowds, long lines, and parking disasters, are for suckers. And I'm not avoiding small businesses; there were some things that Amazon didn't have that I found elsewhere, and in one case I bought from a third-party vendor via Amazon. Why deal with mall insanity when you can compare prices with companies from across the world with just a few keyboard strokes?

I understand that, for some people, shopping is part of the fun, and I don't begrudge them their enjoyment. But, for my money, I'll take the convenience and ease of shopping online.

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