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December 11, 2006

In case you've missed it, Titans rookie QB Vince Young has transformed from out-of-synch newbie to poised winner in a matter of weeks. His evolution has been quite interesting, from the pre-season where he was way off with his receivers, to early on still learning the offense, and then finally delivering a signature comeback against the Giants followed by "this guy delivers!" wins over Indianapolis and Houston. Incredibly, the Titans could win out and be 9-7. I'm not expecting it (Jacksonville is a hot team, and New England looms on New Year's Eve), but besides a Christmas Eve game in Buffalo, the Titans are home for the rest of the regular season.

Nashville was fun this past weekend, with the usual two days of work followed up by the Adenus Tech Christmas party on Saturday night. The party was held at Cedarvine Manor, which is an impressive bed and breakfast that combines modern amenities with a legitimate throwback feel. The meal was delicious, the service great, and overall it was fun... even if I exposed my lack of rhythm while dancing to the likes of Ludacris and Usher.

At dinner on Saturday night, the topic of shopping came up. I explained that I had already purchased almost all of my Christmas presents, and done so online, which seemed to shock some of the people listening. "I haven't even started!" I heard from more than one person. Take it from me: plan ahead, shop online, and the stress of the holidays will be reduced tremendously.

Moose Brentburger
There will be a dress code at Swankxmas.

This upcoming weekend is Swankxmas, which should be quite the lively party. It'll be some invite only, semi-formal fun. Too bad the invitations went out before I could have Matt add: "P.S. Do not disturb the sexy" a la P. Diddy.

I've had two columns on ice, which I intended to post but couldn't quite get right while I was out of town. I hate being on an unfamiliar computer and writing (though I have done it plenty of times), but especially laptops are annoying to me, and that was usually the only thing available to me at Matt's place. Those columns are dated 12/3 and 12/6 respectively, but they didn't come out until today. I went a little bizarre with the 12/6 column, and I contemplated tinkering with it but ultimately decided to go with it.

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