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The Jump

December 28, 2005

By this time next week, I'll be moved out of my apartment in Ybor City and into my new place (which, for security reasons, I'm not going to reveal on here.) It's been a fun time in my 4+ years at Camden Ybor (now "The Quarter At Ybor"), but with the place being turned into condos, I had to move. And, really, this was a good time for me to be moving. If nothing else, it'll be a good way for me to get re-organized and to maybe find some things I've misplaced.

By this time two weeks from now, the Bubba The Love Sponge show will have already made its debut on Sirius Satellite Radio. After waiting for so, *so* long... it will be wonderful for the program to make its long-awaited return to the air. For those of you who have Sirius, we look forward to having you join us there.

My Christmas visit home to Nashville was a very fun time. It was great to get to see everyone, of course, and it was a wonderful opportunity to get away for a few days. came through for me with the deliveries on-time, and all turned out well on that end.

My bro Matt and I saw the movie King Kong on Monday night, along with Richard and Andy Karg. Wow, what a film. The special effects in that movie were amazing. For a CGI-created creature, Kong seemed to portray legit emotions. Naomi Watts (a.k.a. "eraser tips"; if you don't know what I mean, check her out in the movie 21 Grams) was outstanding. She may earn an Oscar for her performance. It may seem strange to consider someone who had so much on-screen time with a computer-created beast for the Best Actress Academy Award, but when you think about it, it's even tougher to act when you don't have anyone to play off of across from you. But she nailed her role, even doing a good job of playing a "bad actress" when they were filming that first movie scene on the ship. To paraphrase P.T. Anderson, you have to be a good actor to effectively portray someone who is playing a bad actor (like the bad acting movie scenes in Boogie Nights.)

Also, Jack Black's character as a less than on-the-level moviemaker was hilarious. Not to spoil anything, but Black portrayed the role well, not overacting it or forcing anything.

If there are any complaints about King Kong (besides the length), it's a few continuity things, but with a movie so grandious, you have to suspend disbelief and let it go on some things. It does irk me a bit that they had three hours, yet they didn't show how they got Kong back to New York on the boat. But again, you have to let some things go at times.

The store Media Play is going out of business, so yesterday my Mom and I went over there... and I racked up on some good DVD purchases there. At 30% off for DVDs, there were some deals to be had. We don't have Media Play here in Tampa, so that was my one chance to strike. The supply was picked over, but I still found some nice choices. Between that and my Christmas gifts, I have a nice variety of movies from which to choose once I get settled at my new apartment.

Hits are coming in by the thousands to my website, which is a forebearer of things to come between now and Draft Day 2006 in late April. Good times on that. Apparently it has moved up pretty high into the Google listings, which is a definite positive.

There's more packing to be done now...

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