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Gaining Clarity

December 13, 2005

This weekend I watched a marathon of the show Sleeper Cell on Showtime. And, wow, it's an excellent show. The premise is that an FBI agent has penetrated a Islamic terrorist cell in California, and it revolves around him and the challenges that one would face in that situation. It's a bit like 24 meets Line of Fire, with some unique elements of its own (it is Showtime, so they can get away with some things that the regular networks can't.) If you get a chance to check it out, I strongly recommend it.

Tomorrow morning I have a visit scheduled for what might end up being my new apartment complex. In many ways I'll miss my apartment in Ybor, though the excitement of living down in the action that I had when I moved here at 23 has tapered for me now at 28. It'll mean a shorter commute for me to work, even though I'll be in a different county. Go figure. The one downside is that Ybor was a nice, central location for friends I had all over the bay area, which won't exactly be the case at my likely new location. But so it goes.

There are some in Hollywood who are lamenting the drop in income from films released this year. One problem cited is the inability to draw in young men. I think the problem is based on a few factors: too many films watered-down to get a PG-13 (instead of R), too many remakes of old movies and (even worse) old TV shows, and most importantly too many uninspired and formulatic releases. My friend Adam Kelley, who I consider to be an expert on movies, has himself been decrying the lack of quality coming from Hollywood these days.

With that said, King Kong looks like an awesome movie, and the reviews for it have been very strong so far. I can't wait to see that one.

My Hustlers are in the semi-finals of my fantasy football league playoffs. If I beat Domingo, I'll be in the finals for the sixth time in my 12 years in the league...

The main QB for the Hustlers is Peyton Manning, who happens to be the QB for the real-life Indianapolis Colts. The Colts are 13-0 as of this writing. I'd love for them to run the table, if for nothing else so it might shut up the 1972 Miami Dolphins. Of course, 16-0 is mighty shallow if you don't win the Super Bowl after that (ask the 1998 Minnesota Vikings how 15-1 felt when they lost to Atlanta in the NFC Championship Game), but still it's a shot at doing something special.

There's a great article on Bubba that ran in Sunday's St. Petersburg Times -- click here to read it. January 9, 2006 is just around the corner...

One last thing: the new Weezer single, Perfect Situation, is outstanding. I enjoyed it from the first time I heard it...

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