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December 10, 2002

"Do you want to go back?
You should have known that
The butterfly in reverse here is me"
-Counting Crows "Butterfly In Reverse"

"Pretty soon we'll all be tumblin' like a barrel
Thrown from the top of the waterfall, well
I'm drowning in piranhas in the river
Man, what a drag, man
Black heart sun rides the sky
Now your wells are runnin' dry
Like the space around me
I take my spot in time"
-Widespread Panic "All Time Low"

I've met a lot of girls through the years, and seen a lot of crazy scenarios and unexpected turns and swerves and everything else. But last Friday was a first for me. A fake phone number.

Now, I realize that this is nothing new in the whole game of blokes and birds. Happens to guys every day. But not me. Until now.

The irony is that this is one of the last situations I thought would happen on this particular occasion. I've seen much less promising setups play out better. Riley put it in perspective tonight though, noting how many girls and how many situations there are in Ybor on any given weekend. But even he was surprised at the fake number switcheroo, seeing as how the girl seemed into me so much. But so it goes.

The Punishers beat the Mafia in the FFL playoffs, so I'll be facing Brook in the semifinals. This is our first postseason meeting since the Fantasy Bowls in 1995 and 1996, both of which he won. I'm ready to extract some payback; revenge is a dish best served cold. Should be good. LaDainian Tomlinson vs. Ricky Williams.

The "Next Big Thing 2" show on Sunday was a blast. Carli came through for me in flying colors on that one. My friend James and I ended up going, and it was great. With the special passes, we had access to the hospitality area, the special viewing area, etc. The only downside was that I missed Everclear because they went on too late, but from what I heard they played a subpar show. So I suppose that's some consolation. The sleep thing caught up with me last night though, big time. Though now I'm hopefully I'm back on track on sleep. Until this upcoming weekend, that is.

970 WFLA just went to dead air during the Phil Hendrie show. Tick tick tick, c'mon fellas. Okay there we go, finally back on. Wouldn't want to miss any more of this R.C. Collins skit. Fantastic stuff. Phil Hendrie is a genius. R.C. Collins referring to Laurence Fishburne as "Mr. Bone" was a trip and a half.

I hope the Bucs make the Super Bowl this year. Could you imagine that? This city would go into a frenzy. I'd love to see it. If they can just get that rushing game going, then we'd be in business.

Meanwhile, the Titans/Colts battle in the AFC South is an emotional rollercoaster for me. I'm really torn on this one. Damn the NFL for putting them in the same division. The Colts were the team I rooted for growing up, and they have my favorite player (QB Peyton Manning from Tennessee). But the Titans are in the city where I grew up (Nashville) and my parents have season tickets.

This Sunday it's Raiders at Dolphins -- and I'll be there for it. Should be a great game. Last year's Raiders/Dolphins game was emotional (first game after September 11, 2001) and thrilling (Dolphins last minute win). Last year's game put me over the top for disliking Dolphins fans, so I'll be there cheering for Jerry Rice (who'll be playing for me in my FFL semi-final game versus the Punishers).

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