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August 5, 2007

Barry Bonds tied Hank Aaron's MLB home run record last night. He'll probably break it this week at home in San Francisco. But it's not without controversy; drugs aside, Bonds is a colossal prick, and he is never going to be an ambassador for the game of baseball or for MLB as an organization.

As for the steroid/HGH controversy, I could write about it, but you're better off reading this in-depth article on the topic, as published last year in Sports Illustrated, which I found this morning on the great website Bonds gives people with naturally extra-large heads (like me) a bad name.

What happened last night in NASCAR is amazing to me. Robby Gordon was ordered to move to 13th place by NASCAR after a yellow flag came out, but Gordon refused and defied orders pulling to 2nd (where he thought he belonged.) He promptly ignored the black flags ordering him off the track and ended up "winning" the race, though he was DQed so it didn't count. There were two cars (Gordon and the real winner, Kevin Harvick) celebrating the win. NASCAR is going to hit Gordon hard on this one, and rightfully so.

The past few days have been fun. Friday night I ended up over at Universal Music playing poker; my Texas Hold 'Em skills proved better than last time, though I was bumped in the final four. So it goes. Rich and Andy Karg (the guys who invited me) were already out, so I had the chance to talk at length with them and Scott Gunter, a guy who knows an incredible amount about the music business.

Perhaps the biggest revelation was that Rich has never seen American Beauty. I'll be bringing that to him tonight when we get together for our scheduled Karg Boys meeting.

Last night Matt and I decided to harass Rich over at Rafferty's (the restaurant where he works), where we had a great meal and I enjoyed the view of the hot chick who was also working in that area. Unfortunately, what I wanted from her wasn't on the menu.

From there it was onto the Hollywood 27, where Matt and I saw The Bourne Ultimatum. I haven't seen the first two films in the genre, and at first I hesitated about that, something which Matt gave me grief about. It seemed logical to me; who wants to see stuff out of order? But Matt told me that it likely wouldn't matter, and he was right -- it worked amazingly well as a stand-alone film.

The Bourne Ultimatum was fantastic, quite possibly the best non-R action film I've ever seen (almost everything is PG-13 or lower these days since theaters started cracking down on under-17s getting into R films after the South Park movie came out.) Frenetic, intense, and constantly moving, the movie at moments literally had me on the edge of my seat.

Trust me: you need to see this film. Renting the first two on DVD (or "high-def" HD-DVD, as an ad touted that format as during an ad in the lead-in to the previews) probably makes sense if you can find them anywhere; I imagine there's been a run on them for people wanting to catch up. But even without a primer, the film stands alone as a great movie. Think 24 meeting Grand Theft Auto with an intensity that rivals Phone Booth.

One funny thing was after the film seeing a guy wearing a Michael Vick jersey. I wonder if he caught any heat over that? I want to get a Pacman Jones jersey; as it is, I bought a couple of cool looking Pac-Man shirts last week (of the video game, not Adam Jones) that arrived on Friday.

As I write this, I'm also working on an update to my 2008 NFL Mock Draft. As much as I like Notre Dame safety Tom Zbikowski, I'm not sure that he's really a first round contender at this point. Perhaps that will change on down the line, but it's that sort of thing I try to avoid with the Draft King site, trying my best to put what I think will happen versus what I want to happen (or even what I think *should* happen.)

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