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August 22, 2007

The clock is ticking -- on Friday I turn 30. It's hard for me to believe. Time flies.

On the upside, it should be an eventful weekend.

A note to HP: if you want to have happier customers, don't have two different types of paper with the exact same item number. At work today I was asked to order some more Premium HP Presentation Paper. No problem, right? I'm about as internet savvy as they come when it relates to finding items for sale online. But not so fast -- while HP offers the Q5449A, that actually is the item number for two similar yet different paper types:

I had to do a search for Q5449A 98 (with the 98 differentiating the brightness) to find it. I like HP as a company and overall enjoy its products, but how is it that with an endless number of letter/number combinations possible that they use the same one for two similar types of paper? Argh. That sort of thing drives me up the wall.

Every NFL fan with HBO should be watching Hard Knocks, a behind the scenes look at the Kansas City Chiefs training camp. The Chiefs have an interesting mix of personalities within their coaching staff. Herm Edwards works out like he's still a player, almost like Jon Gruden getting out there with the Bucs and playing QB. Gunther Cunningham is even grouchier than he seemed in his head coaching days, including having outright disdain for "Family Fun Night" and saying he disliked Thanksgiving and Christmas because it distracted players from football. Now that's job devotion.

And then there's Tim Krumrie, he of Super Bowl XXIII fame from his graphic broken leg injury suffered while trying to tackle San Francisco's Roger Craig. As a coach Krumrie is great, though I was disappointed that he got over his voice problem from week one that left him sounding like a mix between Craig T. Nelson and Superdave. I was hoping to see him run some slap drills (considering how he embarrassed Alan Branch at Michigan's pro day and potentially hurt Branch's draft value), though maybe that's coming in week three.

Then there's Dick Curl. Who is going to have the guts to question anything said by a guy whose name is Dick Curl? Not me.

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