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Secret Slot

August 15, 2007

I've been busy the past week or so putting together (and executing) a radio spot for The Karg Boys, the great band that my friends Rich and Andy Karg have. They put together a really good song called "In My Book" that I think is outstanding, and you can get it for free if you sign up with the proper promo code.

Simply go to, use the promo code TechCrunch (important as that gives you a free dollar to try out the site), and download the track. Plus with the remaining free money you can sample other songs on there, and there are some great hidden gems in the bunch. Amie Street is the single greatest new (at least to me) website of 2007, a wonderful place to discover innovative, independent music.

Trust me on this one... it takes just a moment and it's very cool. Amie Street was the brainchild of three Ivy League students, and Amazon recently put some big money into it. Songs move up in price as they are downloaded, so people are rewarded for finding great songs early and recommending them. It's ingenious stuff, and I was thrilled to get the Karg Boys in on the action.

To hear the radio spot, click here.

The lull in the sports calendar is being filled by NFL pre-season football. It's an interesting time of year in that there are inconsequential games taking place, but football fans are so starved for live action that they tune in to watch.

Do you party like Pac-Man?

This past Saturday night I went to the Titans/Redskins game at LP Field, which was a good time. My bro Matt and I went, and while the game itself was dreadfully boring, it was interesting to see some things, like the rewriting of history to make it appear that Pac-Man Jones didn't exist. I wore my "Party Like Pac-Man" shirt, which inspired some people to shout "Make it rain!" as I ascended the stairs to our seats. Someone a few rows back asked me where I bought it (I told them I bought it online; I found it here), and in general people got the humor intended.

After the game we met up with Andy Karg and a girl he brought along to the game (Andy's dad has tickets to the two seats next to ours) and the four of us played darts at Mulligan's, an Irish bar on 2nd Avenue in Nashville.

In a moment of Guinness-inspired hilarity, we dubbed a hole that had been worn away in the wood underneath the dart board from errant throws as the "Secret Slot". We even added it to the scoreboard below the Bulls-Eye; Matt suggested that it could be used to add points to either side, though it never came into play.

Here is a low-resolution look at the dartboard with the secret slot.

But the craziest moment of the evening? That was when Matt and I walked past a car full of girls on a bachelorette party, and literally sticking out of the car was a giant inflatable penis. There's a very bizarre element to bachelorette parties, to be sure, such as scenes like this. Naturally I spoke my mind, telling the girl holding the blow-up phallus to tickle the balls. That brought squeals of laughter and delight from the girls in the car. For a moment it was like I was back in Ybor City again.

The next Titans game is going to be tricky; it's on a Thursday night and it starts 90 minutes after my cousin Patrick Pickney's debut freshman football game for Father Ryan High School. But, since it's pre-season, it's not going to be the end of the world to be late to the Titans game. My Dad and I might go to Patrick's game and then head directly to the Titans game from there.

Today was the last day at work for my cousins Dan and Fred Pickney, who are heading back to school at (respectively) Tennessee Tech and UT-Knoxville. My sister Mary Beth's last day is on Friday before she heads off for her freshman year of college at Birmingham Southern. It's been fun having them around here this summer, and the place won't be the same without them here.

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