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August 6, 2006

Yesterday I watched some of a debate from WSB-TV in Atlanta airing on C-SPAN between Cynthia McKinney and Hank Johnson in the Democratic run-off for Georgia's 4th Congressional District. McKinney comes across as a hollow, DC-tainted robot who deserved every bit of the controversy she caused earlier this year with a security officer in Washington, DC. Johnson, a former DeKalb County Commissioner, is ahead of McKinney by more than 10 points in the latest poll. Johnson comes across as intelligent and articulate, while McKinney went so far as to criticize Johnson for promoting building development in DeKalb County. In the words of McKinney, "I don't want Republicans to vote for me." Well, you can count this Libertarian (me) in on cheering against her.

I found what is quite possibly the coolest video that I've seen on YouTube this year. The only bad thing is that the video has embedding disabled, so you'll have to go to YouTube to see it: Here's the link. I wonder if I could convince the guy who made this to come to the U.S. to shoot a video for the Karg Boys?

NFL Football is back on NBC, as tonight the exhibition season started with Oakland taking on Philadelphia in the Hall of Fame game. It was strange seeing Al Michaels, John Madden, Cris Collinsworth, and Andrea Kramer on NBC, but network shifts make for strange bedfellows.

Speaking of NBC, their coverage of the NASCAR race from the Brickyard in Indy really pissed me off. Technically it was fine, but the network took an inordinate amount of commercials. I remember Bubba complaining about that last year, and he was right -- that was really bad.

It took me until this year to really get into watching NASCAR, after years of trying but just not getting it. I think it was meeting Tony Stewart and seeing that he was such a good guy that helped put me over the top.

To those of you out there in a relationship with someone who likes NASCAR who don't get it, here's my advice to you: pick a driver to cheer for. Just one, that's all you need. Preferably a good driver. When you have someone to cheer for, it makes a big difference.

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