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August 9, 2005

I've decided not to buy the game Madden 2006, at least not initially. This has come as a surprise to some friends of mine, but after reading less than stellar reviews on Gamespot, IGN, the message board on, etc., I think I'm going to hold off for now.

From what I've read, EA Sports hardly did anything to update the game, except for adding this horrid "passing cone" that, from most reviews, actually detracted from the game. That's what exclusive licensing gets you, folks. Without Sega's ESPN 2K series to push it, EA Sports went on easy street this year. Video gaming on cruise control. Those bastards. Meanwhile, at least NCAA Football 2006 is still a very fun game, and plus it helps me to learn the players for

I watched the debut of Too Late With Adam Carolla on Comedy Central last night. It seems funny enough, and while the first episode had its ups and downs (the fake "phone callers" have to go), since Carolla is involved, it has potential. Plus at just a half hour, it is easy enough to watch without having to invest too much time. His point about the stupidity of the red left turn arrows was a great one.

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