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Looks Like We Made It

August 20, 2004

It only took an extra week, but I made it safely to Nashville. Plus it was one of those perfect Dramamine flights, too. Take my seat, plane takes off, I pass out into oblivion, and we land in another city... which, in this case, was my old hometown of Nashville. As always, it's good to be back.

Using my parents' computer makes me appreciate mine, though. For one thing, the keyboard is set up on one of those hideaway sliding deals underneath the main desk. I recognize that my explanation is weak, but my point is that it's really not configured very well for me to type on. And another thing, the space key doesn't work very well. You have to slam the thing hard sometimes to get it to register. And it's not the fastest machine in the world. But so it goes on the road. It's great to be back here and getting to spend time with my parents and my sister.

Tonight for dinner we went out to this restaurant called Wild Noodles down in Cool Springs (that's in the Brentwood area, on the south side of the greater Nashville area for those of you not familiar with Middle Tennessee). I had a chicken caesar salad with noodles in it, which might sound like a very strange combo, but it turned out to be really delicious. Mmmmm.

For the first time since they began, I had a chance this afternoon to actually watch some of the Olympics. The 10,000 meter race was pretty captivating, though it was rather embarrassing to see the American guy get lapped by the trio from Ethiopia. Those guys had incredible stamina to run so fast for so long... it was rather mind-boggling to me to see them perform at such a high level.

Well I came here to visit with my family, not type away on the keyboard. Though I do hope to have more later on this weekend...

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