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Let It Ride

August 10, 2003

"For a complicated girl, she ain't that hard to figure out"
-Joe Nichols "She Only Smokes When She Drinks"

The main webpage has a new layout. I decided to stay in on Friday night to work on it and get it up-and-running. Just so you know. But I was wanting to upgrade the main page for quite awhile now, and it's gratifying to finally have it done.

Here's a collection of observations from the weekend:

-I'm baffled by the fact that the Channelside-Ybor trolley had a train running at 2:33 AM this morning, despite the fact that all evidence points to the trolley shutting down at 2 AM on Saturday night/Sunday morning. I even remember one time catching the "last train" at 1:55 AM on a Saturday night and being told by the conductor that it was in fact the final run of the night. Have the powers that be in Tampa finally figured out that both Channelside and Ybor stay open until 3 AM?!?

-There's nothing quite like ESPNews highlights of NFL pre-season games to pull my attention from a dance floor packed with women, which was the case last night at Stumps Supper Club in Channelside. Hot blonde, hot blonde, hot brunette... oooh, Redskins at Panthers, wonder if Trung Canidate got any carries for the 'Skins... then quickly enough back to the hot chicks. But point being, it was an effective distraction. Only things that might've been better was the Rollergirl nude scene in Boogie Nights (where she and Dirk Diggler get it on at Jack Horner's house) or... well, I dunno what else. But point being, I was looking back and forth a whole lot there in the beginning (at least until my friend alcohol kept my eyes on the prize, NFL pre-season highlights be damned).

Stephen Davis
Nimesh is confident in Panthers RB Stephen Davis.
-Nimesh Patel, who's a friend of mine and a competitor in the 3FL, this week compared a complex four-way trade proposal involving DeShaun Foster with my attempt in 2002 to trade Ricky Watters. He mocked the way I had billed Watters as an "unscratched lottery ticket." Which, with Watters becoming a de facto retiree, looks bad in hindsight. But had he returned in 2002, I still think Watters would've been a 1,000+ yard RB. But that didn't happen, and now Nimesh gets to unnecessarily bring that out in comparing Warrick Dunn with DeShaun Foster. The complicated trade offer involved Foster going to the Pigs as a backup for Panthers starting RB Stephen Davis and Dunn, who is likely going to split carries with T.J. Duckett, going to the Windy City Whiplash. This is why I usually don't make multi-team trade offers -- invariably you'll have at least one owner who thinks it's an absolutely awful deal (even when the trade on paper is logical). Personally, I think that Davis is in danger of hitting the wall, in particular with injury concerns due to his running style, age (he turns 30 early next year) and soft offensive line. But we'll see.

-There's nothing quite like the lingering scent of a girl's perfume on your clothes. The first time I really noticed this was in the summer of 1996, with a girl named Lindsey who I dated in Nashville (who was friends with my friend Glenn's girlfriend Heather). After a particularly memorable Friday night, which ultimately proved to be the beginning of the end, having her perfume on my Foo Fighters '96 tour t-shirt is something I still remember. Sometimes it's the little things that stick with you.

-My bro Matt hooked me up with the vibrating phone battery from his old cell phone. He bought a new phone, and he was nice enough to send me the vibrating battery deal for me to use on my cell phone (which is the same model as his old one). So now I'll be able to tell if someone is calling when I'm out at the clubs, etc. It makes the phone a little fatter, but not too big to fit in my pocket...

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