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House of the Rising Sun

August 5, 2002

Just finished a good workout at the gym. I sure needed it after the weekend I had.

There's nothing quite like taking a trip to New Orleans. It's a highly unusual city: a Southern town with a French/cajun twist, mixed with views on alcohol that are more fitting a European city than the mostly puritanican U.S. The city is steeped in history, and is not shy about celebrating and remembering its rich past.

My last trip there came during Mardi Gras 2000, so it was nice to have a chance to see the city again without it being absolutely packed. Being that it was August, the heat was unreal during the day. I'm used to it down here in Tampa, but it was pretty brutal.

I barely got any sleep on Friday or Saturday. Fueled by caffeine and alcohol, it was a 48 hour adventure. There are many stories to be told... and some that won't be told on here... Sadly, time is not on my side tonight, but hopefully tomorrow I'll have a chance to write about the Phi Tau convention and seeing old college friends and taking part in the Bourbon Street craziness. Until then....

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