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August 29, 2002

Want to first of all issue a warm welcome to all the new visitors to the website. In the past five-to-six days, my hits have gone through the roof, primarily because Google, AOL Search, Yahoo, et al have added my Hot Talk links to their page. I had no idea that so many people would be looking up the Monsters Of The Midday, but they're far and away dominating my hits (#1 search string with more than 8 times the lookups of the next closest search string).

The Florida Lottery is up to $52 million for the Saturday drawing. Had a discussion at work with my executive producer about how much people care about it. Ultimately she won out on where we placed it in the show, but I think it's a big story when the lotto reaches the Top 20 all-time. I'm not much of a lottery player, but I know alot of people out there are. Anyway, if no one wins Saturday, then things will be off the hook for Wednesday night's drawing.

Lots of fantasy football excitement going on right now, with the NFL season just one week away. You have no idea how excited I am. Baseball can go on strike and I'll be just fine. As Smitty would say, I'll give MLB the "You're Dismissed" treatment, heh heh. Giants/49ers one week from tonight. The anticipation is high.

A couple of good songs that are big at the clubs these days are "Good Times" by Styles and "Nothin'" by Nore. Two good tracks, check 'em out if you're into hip hop. Meanwhile, Carli tells me that the new Coldplay CD is out. Definitely need to hear that.

I'll leave you with a laugh -- an invitation to tonight's Puff Daddy party. It's a legit invite, courtesy The Smoking Gun -- click here to find out the rules. Otherwise, you might be left on the outside looking in, and no one wants that. Remember, if your invite is for you, it's for you only. And as Puffy says, "Do Not Disturb The Sexy". Later.

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